Advanced Grammar


omitting 'that' - 'that' in atılması

“that” pekçok yerde atılabilir veya isteğe bağlıdır.

1- Reported –Indirect- cümlelerde bağlaç olarak “that”

1.a- Reported cümlelerinde yaygın olarak kullanılan “say ve tell’ fiillerinden
       sonra that’i atmak tamamen normaldir.
              Bob told Carmen he loved her but she said she would marry Bill soon.

1.b- Reported cümlelerinde, learned, discovered, found (out), knew, felt, thought
       fiillerinde sonra bağlaç olarak kullanılan that’i atmak oldukça yaygındır, özellikle
       konuşma dilinde.
       Today they learned  their house would be built next year.
       Elizabeth discovered her luggage had been stolen.
       Emma felt Jim was wrong to live there alone, but he thought it would be all right.

informed, replied, shouted” gibi bazı fiillerden sonra that atılmaz
     ve isimlerden  sonra that’i atmak normal değildir.

     The head of the class informed the students that they had to come
    to school on Saturday.

     Jayne left a message on my voice mail that she was leaving for Germany today.
      I replied (to his message) that she should stay in Spain.
      She shouted at me that she was fed up with living in Spain.

relative clause cümlesinde nesne durumunda ise atılmaz.
Heybeliada is one of the Prince Islands that / which are visited by
   thousands of young people in summer.

     We have lots of friends who / that work here.

4-”that” relative clause cümlesinde özne durumunda ise normalinde atılabilir.
     The work (that) I did there was very hard.
    The work (that / which) she will do for this company is very interesting.
    The manager of the company (that / who) we met in Roma was   
    very friendly.

5- İki kelimeli bağlaçlarda that’in atılması
    ”so that, now that, providing that, provided that “
gibi pekçok iki kelimeli
    bağlaçlarda “that” atılabilir.   
    They wanted to send Jim to Japan so that he can improve his Japanese.
    Paul spent his summer holidays in Turkey so he could practice their Turkish.
    Now that you mention it, I do remember the accident.
    Now you’ve passed your test you can drive on your own.
    Provided that / providing that we have enough money we can buy that house
    this year.
    You can borrow camera, providing / provided you return it the day after tomorrow.

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