The Amazon is  absolutely  amazing! Nearly nine times the size  of  Texas, the Amazon  jungle  is the  world's largest rain forest. 
Many scientists believe nearly half of all plant and animal species live here 
-- with  millions yet to be discovered!  Meet  just a few of the creatures who 
call it their home.

The Macaw
With blue, red, yellow or green feathers,  macaws  light  up the Amazon rain forest with  flying colors.  These beauties can also 
live up to 50-70 years. Unfortunately,  poachers  often catch macaws  and  sell  them as exotic pets. This is a big reason why these birds are the world's most endangered long-tailed parrots.

The Capybara
This  furry  fellow  is  related to mice, hamsters  and   guinea  pigs. 
But  you won't  find  him  in your local pet shop.  He's   a capybara, the world's largest rodent. 
A full-grown capybara can weigh more  than  100 pounds and stand 
as tall as a  German shepherd dog. With  his  webbed feet, though, 
this rodent is a better swimmer.

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