Foot Soldiers

In the past decades, many of the foot soldiers in  America’s  struggle for equality were women, some of them famous and others little known. This selection of photographs, taken from the  book  ‘I  Dream  a  World’ by Brian Lanker, tells the stories of women whose strength carried them  — 
and many in the African-American community — through troubled times.
‘I Dream a World’ was published in 1989 by Stewart, Tabori and Chang

Rosa Parks
Rosa  Parks  ignited  the   381-day bus boycott in  Montgomery, Ala., in 1955 after  refusing  to  surrender her seat on  a  city bus. Her action, arguably, was
the spark that began the extended civil  rights  movement for the next decade. After she was fired from her tailoring job, she
moved to Detroit, where for 25 years she worked as a special assistant to Congressman John Conyers. 


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