A City Challening the Centuries

Cities have come and gone, swept away by time.    Cities  have  come  and  lost   their identities, trodden their  past   under    the unheeding   feet  of  the  present,   thrown their history away and ground  it  up in the waste disposal unit of modernisation.

But there are some cities  whose  past has survived   challenging   the     passage   of centuries,   cities   which   have    resisted destruction of their identities.

Skylife-by Turgay Tuna/ Photos İzzet Keribar

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One  such celebrated  city  where  past
and present  coexist, which F~ has lost 
little of its
original atmosphere
  is Cairo. 
The gate to  Africa,    Cairo’s   splendid history goes back one   thousand years.
Cairo is renowned throughout the world
for the great  pyramids  of Giza, one  of
the seven  wonders  of  the  world,  its
ornate  arabesque  mosques,   and   its 
souks fragrant with incense.
Perhaps the Virgin Mary came here when
she fled with the infant Jesus  to  Egypt
to escape the soldiers of J-Jerod,
although the city was not then founded.
With a population of sixteen million
today,  Cairo  is  one of the  largest  six cities  in   the  world, and from the early
hours of the