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A research group says that Britons are spending four times as much for 'food on the move' as the Spanish and nearly twice as much as the Italians. The reason - it takes longer to get to work.

Your comments:

Ahmed, Bangladesh

I am from Bangladesh but now living in England. So I can compare both countries food on the move culture. In Bangladesh fast food are expensive and most people cant afford to buy food for their lunch. Usually people tend to bring food from home, as the wives or mother tend to prepare delicious food for their husbands or children. In fact it is not nice eating on the bus or train or while walking. I think it is bad for health. Another important reason for not depending on snacks is that they are not prepared hygienically. People sometime get sick or cant digests them properly. In contrast, in the UK snacks are more consumable in terms of quality and variety even though they are pricey but people tend to buy them, as they are convenient, save time and wide range of options.

robi , pakistan
i don't like to eat on a busy lane outside some restaurant where you can be wached by everyone and the food also get messy due to smoke and dust.

Viet Nam
In my country, people have lunch in their offices and relax for some mins. I think, that's good for their afternoon work

Wendy from China
How do you feel when someone eat food on a bus or subway? The hole space is full of the scent.which makes me uncomfortable.I don't like to eat anything while travelling.One reason is that I have something wrong in my stomach.The other is I think it is implite to eating while walking.

Nik Italy
I've lived in many countries including both Spain and Italy, and one of the big factors is that people here have longer lunch breaks and things actually close for lunch, unlike the UK. People go to a restaurant and sit down and eat a proper meal, often with wine, and then go back to work once they have had a chance to digest. Personally i much prefer it. When i'm in the UK I just eat sandwiches the whole time and always put on wieght!!!

ToxiBoy(Mamal) - Iran
first of all i have to say it's not usuall in Iran.then..suppose that your in the Cable car or train on the way work..and you'r eating..your partner is doing to..and then place will be kitchen of restrunt..becuse of smells.but its not inevitable at all.. sometimes we face to exception and we have to do it . in the end i want to warn that its not safe to eat while moving.

anjali india
In my opinion it is not good for health.

In my country, people are worried about healthy food and don't get fat. But I think we must spend time to relax in the middle of the day, because if not, there is no sense, just work and work, for what? To pay for insurance healthy? We need time to live, and only we can give us this!

noraddin angadji-iran
i think people are very besy so they must to solve this problem with fast food.

Basically, people will eat on the move only in our night market where there're many food stands. So, people are walking and eating. But eating in any transportation is not allowed in Taiwan now. Most of the people will take the drink or coffee on hand when walking. So,maybe eating on move here is not a big deal.

Andrei from Siberia,Russia
It is not fun to have meal while walking in cold weather. Plus the process of eating in small room of vehicle brings inconvenience for neighbours.

Fatima, UAE.
In my opinion, it’s ok for people to eat in bus or car if they were busy. But I prefer if they eat at home because its time for family to gather.

Sandy Li, China
Comparing with most of the other people around the world, Chinese cares more about what, where they eat and who they eat with. Normally, We tends to have three meals at home together with our families. Especially the suppers. Anyway, fast food is not to our appetite. And more importantly, we think it is embarrassing and inconvenient to eat-on-the-move.

ahmed omar Somali
People did not eat travilling becouse they have no time to eat

Beyond China
In my humble opinon ,there is so little time to give us to do some fine food ,and we must confess the food-on-the-move is not bad .If you ask me whether I eat something on my way home ,I will tell you "no",becouse I think that is so uncivil and that prevent you to make good shape in all time.

Jessie from Malaysia
In my Country, people choose fast food when they going out especially in weekend. During working day it depend on the distance of work from home, more people stil prefer going home for lunch if their home are hear by. I can accept for those who taking their food when travelling because they do not have enough time to take their breakfast and lunch especially those are working in city.

lia China
People have their meals on the way to their work,either because time is rather urgent or they like to do so,anyway it is a good way to lose weight,also mirror the fast rhythm of the real life.

Feng in China
For me, I don't like eating food in public. Frankly speaking, I try to have my lunch in some restraurants or even a quite small cafeshop, and it makes me feel disgust.

Maria Esther, Argentina
In muy country people don't like eating wuile travelling. Maybe a small snack,if they are travelling long distances.

panah from iran
in iran usually use the "fast food" as a meal beetwen main meal. they dont eat on short travel special in public traffic. i also thing "eattin on the go" is a bad behave. ;) sorry

mohammad uk
I don't object, if they're considerate, and put their litter in a bin.

Ella, China
Well, I think not all people love fast food, because sometimes cooking is more enjoyable than eating, but for office people, they have no choice, but fast food.


Ma Yifang,China
I know peolpe have no way to choose,but i tink the most impotant thing is you must pay attention to your healthy,AS you know,it's bad for you. you can change you lifestyle,it only spend a few time to enjoy a good meal.but very good for youself.

Isabel - Portugal
On one hand, many people in my coutry choose to eat food on the move just because is less expensive than to eat in a nice restaurant, but on the other hand they might let their children play while thry're eating. In my opinion, I prefer to bring my meal from home or to go to a snack-bar which serves salads and juices.

Byung-jin / South korea
I can learn from this story that Briton work hard. so The value of time of Briton is much higher than others. so it is natrual that Briton try to save time and eat 'food on the move'

Claudette, Belgium
I have less time than I used to have for lunch, but I still bring my home-made sandwiches, mineral water and some fruit to work every day. Many of my colleagues eat out at lunchtime (in a sandwich bar or a cheap restaurant) and many adolescents get a sandwich from a sandwich bar at lunch time instead of using the facilities offered in secondary schools. It happened to me once to eat a sandwich in a train (1st class, I had been training adults at lunchtime included and I had to go from a provincial town to get methodology material in Brussels) but I was alone in the carriage and I had a plastic bag with me and I put it(together with the remains of my meal of course) in a bin at destination.

Son, South Korea
I think the increase of 'food on the move' is due to fast moving social system. In comparison, a day's work in 21st century is increasing more than 20th century. Namely, food on the move is a good way to save one's time. So I sometimes have food on the move such as burger or TongGam-Za(baked and salted potato sold in Korean freeway market) when I'm busy. But I worry about having food on the move whenever I'm in the bus or public. Because most of 'food on the move(fast food)' smells very strongly and impressive. And this smell is felt unpleasant by other passengers. Therefore, although it is efficient and convinent, we have to consider the feeling of others.

Kit, Hong Kong
I think that eating in the on the move is not a good habit. The smell that emanate from the food will affect that other. Those people who eating in the public vehicles are non grata.

Roby, Italy
In my country cooking it's a "holy moment", people spend a lot of time to make a meal. It's also true that in chaotic city like Milan, Rome, Naples you can find someone having food on move, but i think that Italy it still a "traditional" country.....well, enjoy your meal!

Le Trung Hieu-Viet Nam
Each people can do what is the most convience for them but not break the law. On the other hand, I think if they can choose, they want to find a restaurant to relax and have a delicious meal.

payman from Iran
In my country people eat at home. They bleive is a better way for care of thier health.

Yasmine, Iran
In my opinion everybody can devote even a short time to have his/her breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant, or anywhere except the bus, underground or.... It is not pleasing to hear others biting or chewing in a public vehicle. It's supposed those people are saving their time for watching TV or ... I myself spend about 2 hours in transit everyday, but never eat in the bus or taxi. It's not considered very polite in my country.

donna, china
why do people so care about their jobs? Can the job make up for what they have lost? To me, eating should be a kind of enjoyment, at least one time a day. I would never sacrifice such pleasure for anything else, even if the food is not so good. Besides, while eating, i can relaxed myself. Make sure that we humans are not working machines. We do not need refueling. What we work for is a better living.

Manson, HK
I thought it's not a good habit in eating in commuting cause affecting others passenger sitting beside of you. furthermore, I believed that there are very few people who like to taste the smell from your eating food no matter it's hotdog they eat or the chocolate they drink !! invitably, some food its juice or source may dirty the compartment you take and beget germ growing and cockroach climping every corner !

James , S. Korea
Whatever people do during the lunch time, it's not reagred as the digusting behavior, because people in the urban life should be seen as a mercy people can do..

Seoul, South Korea
I think it's a good way to save the time and get an energetic life and people eating on the move during lunch time shows how so busy a life they live in the urban. In S. Korea, in metropolitan city "Seoul" . I sometimes see people like that...

ahmed . uae
I think it's bad for health, eating in the home will be better

ahmed hassan
I think it's bad for health, eating in the home will be better

jessie china
As many people know,china is the heaven of delicious food,Chines seldom eat fast food,they prefer to enjoy meals at home.But nowadays more and more young people prefer to choose fast food to save time.

deokjun yoon and south korea
i guess it's a good idea "food on the move" it's kind of time saving. however here in south korea. it's not very common and considered as good manners either, i'm afraid.

Eugenio. Chile
I thougt thaht is a bad alimentary culture, in espetial whit children and jung peaple.This is not a necesity of work and his derivates.

I think,people like to eat while in transit ,because they don't have time.While commuting they try to use their time.It's also their attitude towards food.They just take food to get energy.

fathercha taiwan.

I don't think it is a good way of life to refuel ourselves on the move. Why do we work? In wy opinion, work is first for life, then for pleasure.

Ice, China
In my opinion, people choose fast food just because their living paces are very fast. They have no time to enjoy cooking at home. Nowadays, having fast food becomes an important index to measure the economic development level of certain area.

LEI Singapore
In my country,people don`t pay a tention in eating and always have their meals during on the way to work.In my view,people have food on the move is a good way to loose weight!Because,if a person have food in a nice restaurant and order a lot of food ,who must try to have more and can`t concrol!

Lopa , India
In kolkata most office people takes their lunch from home. They likes to go to home. But the offices are mostly far away from residance places.

Miss Chureerat in Thailand
every body eat fastfood while he or she travel and they on bus or train.I think so

Christian, Switzerland
The people go to eat fast food, when they have not the time to go to the restaurants and because it is very cheep.

katka, uk
It would be probably the same in my country if our city was so huge (like London) and also if we had some many fast food restaurants you can find in the UK. Fortunately, we haven`t. We have few, but it is still quite expansive to buy the food they offer. During lunch time, people either bring their own food from home and they just heat it up or they go to restaurants for a proper meal. Anyway, I think in a short time, when the chain of McDonalds, Burger kings...will be huge and cheaper, it happens there as well.

Jona from Tirana
Really a appreaciate very much people who takes care for their food . In fact i am a person that eat three times a day and for me eating is not a job but is pleasure, I hate eating in public or lets say "food on the move". Nowdays these categoy of people is growing but for me people should't eat but smell what they are eating.

lucky me,i owen a pizza&pasta place i notice people eat more pasta@ baguttes than pizza in lunch time but wait for it"chips with it please " they ask!!at night more pizza than any thing else .i think people got limited time for there lunch there for they want somthing quick "pick up and go"i always asked by customer how long it take to cook a pizza ?12 minute i replay .oh no they said, give me guick blt bagutte"bacon lettuce tomato" oommmmmmmm bacon healthy eating,that what they think.

Lilia from Madagascar
In Tana, more and more people are now eating in a fastfood because they don't have enough time to go home for lunch.But most of them prefer, if they could, have lunch at home.

Francisco from Brasil
I usually eat in home. I think this is the better for health.

primael france
i think everybody has the right to do what they want to do but therefore i think if someone has to do it he'd better do it but he has not the right to disturb other people around him

Anna Italy
I don't like see peoople eating on bus or on the tube and I olso think that is very bad for the health eating when you are walking. In my country almost nobody eat "food on the move": everybody have time to eat during the pause at work. I like healthy food, but I don't mind fast food sometime: just for joke (and because I like chips!)

Martine France
I don't mind eating on the move once in a while, but being french, sitting around a table with friends and family, in front of a nice home-cooked meal is a pleasant proposition (as long as it doen't last for hours !). I work 20 kilometers from home and there is a company restaurant where I go and eat 2 or 3 times a week. Nevertheless, I sometimes go and do my weekly shopping at lunchtime and then, I usually buy a sandwich and push my trolley while I eat. It's a way of saving time which I appreciate. I also eat home made salads in my car, in front of a lake next to my workplace. I once ate a sandwich in a train and I felt quite self-conscious about it, but it's my problem isn't it ? Are we somehow, in a weak position when we are eating ? I don't mind people eating food on the move but I mind terribly the wastes that are often left behind. Do what you please as long as you respect the people and the environment.

Sun come from China
I think it's bad for health.

li china
In China where people have their breakfast or lunch depend on how far they workplace is from home.Much more people have their lunch out in town,but much more people have lunch at home when it's in country.

David from Czech Republic
I always eating in restaurant everyday. I don´t like fast-food.

pop from THAILAND
Eating on the move in THAILAND,i think sometime espacially in the morning that very busy, people may be eating on the move . Nevertheless Thai people like to eat meal at home

John Sth Korea
I found there's nothing wrong with eating while travelling or commuting, 'food on the move' can not be necesserily looked as unhealthy. There are always different kinds of food you can choose from, or you can prepare your own with your home-made ingredients.

John New Zealand
I found there's nothing wrong with eating while travelling or commuting, 'food on the move' can not be necesserily looked as unhealthy. There are always different kinds of food you can choose from, or you can prepare your own with your home-made ingredients.

hong kong
when saw someone eating in bus or train, will case me will to eat also.

Kasia from Poland
Personnaly I don't like eating on the move. It's neither hygienic nor agreeable. But I think sometimes it's just the necessity.

Sadia Pakistan
I think in my country many people eat parata and egg it is not healtheir for the people and people should buy frult.

Kouser from somalia
In may country people eat lunch out becouse they do work at that time.But in the evening they make a hot meal at home.

Rifat. Pakistan
Fast food is ok sometimes if people don't eat much greasy food.

shakila from pakistan
In our country people don't buy fast food.They buy something to eat before they travel by bus and train.

Sam from Pakistan
Some people like fast food but they don't like to eat when they are travelling by bus or train. I think in my country the food is healthier than this country because in Pakistan they have proper meals.

Wellington Santana, Italy
I think the fast food can be used only in special occasions when it's impossible to eat at home. The lack of some kind of food such greenery, corns... can make weak organism.

Fabio from Italy
Hi,in Italy some people have lunch in restaurant or quick sandwich,normally we have 1 hour time to eat.I think it's good to take your time,it's important for health.If you work in office is better don't eat too much,it will be hard start again.I don't like fast food,too caloric and after 20 minutes I feel hungry again.

Sue China
It is of course time-saving but not healthy. My stomach is in disfuction if I have my breakfast on the way to the office.

Danny Wang (Taiwan)
In order to prevent mice and roaches ,people are not allowed to eat or drink within the Taipei MRT station. But I think it's efficient to eat "food on move" if the transporting takes lone time!

Natsuko Japan
Recently,it is said that the people in Japan especially young people don't have breakfast even "food on the move" To try to have breakfast is much better. And the trais are very crowded out in the morning. You cannot move rather eating.

ayyob jodeiri-Iran
I think it depends on people habits, mostly. I mean if we are accustomed to on the move, let's keep it, why not? But we should always be vigilant of the quality of the food. That is who is gonna prepare it? What's its ingredients, its production and expired date? And so on. Then let's be free for anything goes.

man english in one
it does save your time when you eat on the bus, but i don't like that because it makes me feel nervous.

some people do not find enough time to go home and have lunch,for me it's ok for people to have there meal in bus ,but i think it should be a healthy meal,if they do not have time to eat at home they for sure have time to prepare some food for the next day, so they can eat any where and at the same time it is going to be healthy food.

kelvinchan [hongkong. china]
i think that most people in hong kong eat their lunch at where they work. it is not convenient to have a lunch back home every my opinion, for those who are work at office or at school, will always eat outside unless they are close to they home.

Caojian from China
Nothing can be much more important than your own health, so i disagree the opinion that you should eat in a haste while trasvelling or working . Do try to eat with your families. It is the most wonderful thing in the world!

Angela from China
now the pace of life is more and more faster,especially to young man they have much pressure,undoubtly they have less time to enjoy their food.

laurent (36) from France
Lunch time was considered even a decade ago as a part of your working time: an average of 90 religious minutes daily . Nobody could even disturbed you in fact : mobile did not exist .Fast-foods were more considered as entertaining restaurant;the one you can have before or after a film.The french cuisine has almost disappeared of our districts ,giving the place to exotism(chinese,greek or indian).Give the choice to a young child and ask him if he will rather go in a fancy French restaurant or a Mcdo ; you can be sure he will choose te 2nd option. Anyway we are working diferrently and we have to be more productive:after the politically correct ; the eating-correct

Guderian ,Hong Kong
Different people have different view points on eating while traveling,when asked why should we eat? Some of them may well think the"diet" is a "Energy Supply" for their work ,as a result of some researchs showing that eating could have improved the working efficency by providing Better nourishment for them. In the same way, another group of people also have same idea on eating all the time ,but with another reason that they want to eat(feeling more comfortable). In reality ,from my point of view,the "extra-diet" just increase our weigh and is "money-consuming".Once you devote this money to invest ,perhaps ,more money you will earn in the end. Except the obesity,you may also get a higher chance to get Heart Disease and "vein blocking". The idea that i would like to express is that we should not try to eat more if possible ,otherwise ,all of us may step into death.

minori from Japan
In Japan, people are not eating on the move, especially at commuting. However some people are eating on the move when they are traveling for more than one hour. ( Sinkan-sen/ Japanese express train is O.K) The reason is that people think that we must not do some private act like eating, making up, and even talking in public space. Another reason is because people are jostled and shoved in an overcrowded train every morning. They have difficulty in even standing in the train!

Elisa Hong Kong
I know that it is not healthy when you have the food on the move. However if you only have half and hour lunch time and also you need to do some shoppings. I think that this is the best thing to do.

shan ying wei china
I don't mind people eat while they are traveling I think sometimes they are hungry at that time and fast food is very covenient and delicious but the atmophere is not very good for eat It's noisy ,dirty,uncomfortable.Often you eat that ,it's bad for your health.

angie, spain
I thinks that isnt good eat on the move.Its good eat in home every day

Sometimes people eat fast food, because they are in a hurry,but food on the move is very unhealthy,that`s the main reason why we should change our style of eating.

Carolina from Argentina
I spend more than an hour in commuting, so I have a great problem with food. I do not like fast food but I do not have another choice.

Yoshi, Japan
I don't feel it good to eat on the move. Young people - mostly students - in Japan often have foods on train, but probably nobody think it could be acceptable. I recognize there are some benefits, like saving time. But I have to mention it's rude if I wouldn't like to say. One problem for me is smells. Inside train is a closed place. So if people would eat foods, train would be full of mixed smells. I can't stand it. It sounds funny, but kind of serious.

Yan from China
In China some people eat breakfast because they get up late to go to work. And in Beijing most people work far from their home, so they have to eat some fast-food in the noon.After working people will realy enjoy their supper at home or at restaurant with their family or frends.

Of course in China most people go back home for meal after work.Nevertheless,because of the increasingly fast life rhythm,more and more people choose to eat fast-food such as McDonald's hamburgers and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I like fast food,because it can save times.But I dont like eating it on the move,that will make me uncomfortable.What you should do is:find a quiet place,sit down,buy some fast food and eat fast....Then you can not only enjoy your meal but also save a lot of times,is not a good way to treat your fast food?

CC, Taiwan
Maybe everyone like fast food,but it really not very healthy.Sometime we have busy schedules,so we don't have anytimes to eat. Maybe the fast food is very conveninet,but it isn't very good for our heath.

Roy China
It's alright to have a snack on a bus or train. It's only an eating habit and life style. However, people have no choice sometimes due to the popularity of unhealthy food. I don't think we can choose organic salad on a bus or train

Henry Yeh / Taiwan
Most of the people do not like "food on the move", but they have to. I think it is just a social phenomena.

Pavel from Russia
Sometimes it can help to save time but doing it daily may become a cause of stomach problems

Sky, Korea
Even though we live in the world demanding speed in a daily life, we don't have to have food on the move. First,the time to eat should be a rest. Secondly, Eating on the street or bus makes those in the publc uncomfortable. But the only thing I agree to that is to save time.

MM (Hong Kong)
I did sometimes but I didn’t enjoy doing this. Eating on the move is no doubt very time-saving. However, even a machine, should be turned off before refueling. Human beings aren’t far more important that a machine? If time allows, take a break, sit and enjoy our meals.

Gustavo, Spain
I think that having lunch at home reduce stress. How can you enjoy a meal when you still eating in your company? Everyone need a break and disconect from work so why not have a lunch where nobody can disturb you? Can you imagine having your meal and with your other hand answering your boss called or printing some documents...? In my opinion is better leave the place where you work to have a lunch. Normally people in Great Britain dont want to spend time cooking becouse the time that you spend cooking you can save it buying something. I prefer to cook becouse is the best way to eat healthy food and is not a waste of time prepare a salad, rice, spagueti, fresh fish, etc. becouse they generally are ready in twenty minutes. Always after a meal I really want to eat something sweet like chocolate or ice cream indeed I eat a yoghourt and a banana. It is up to you eating healthy food!

Michael Su, Taiwan, Taichung
"Food on the move" has become a phenomenon in a big city in the world. After all, time is money for most contemporary citizens. I also like to eat fast food while travelling by bus because of catching an early bus in the morning. However, eating on the move is forbidden at some places, for example, the subway station in Taipei where is the capital of Taiwan. If I have to eat something on the move, it's a crucial thing to eat my food in a adequate manner in the public.

raghu deep ,india
it seems nothing wrong eating on-a-move, it depends upon the individual and what type of work he does.if he is so busy then he lacks time to feel comfort to eat at his home.may eating-on-move is a time saving method.In our country we find enough time to have we never prefer.

Daria, Ukraine
I'm sure that people prefer to eat at home while there are not in hurry, but sometimes there are some circumstances according to which you don't have the opportunity to eat at home. This is not good for health but....people must remember this and do all their best to have the health food!

Gioacchino from Italy
I think that eating on the bus or train is quite unhygienic but some people have to do it. In Italy a lot of people have lunch at home with their family and this is more hygienic and nice of course but the problem is that they eat too much and then they stay without moving for hours, so I think that is healthier eating when you are moving if you don't prefer bad quality food (fried and fat food like cips, hamburger etc.).

I feel myself inconvenient to eat fast food in front of other people. If I feel very hungry then I just take a one banana or icecream but not hamburger etc.

Chau from Vietnam
Eating on the move is not the ideal choice but when you have to spend so much time travelling, it helps you save your time. The only thing that matters is you should keep yourself and your environment clean after eating.

Chenchen China
Food on the move is a phenomenon of busy and fast lifestyle which caused by this competitive society. so that people shoul be allowed to eat when they're travelling, but they must keep the surroundings tidy and behave themselves.

Elephant from Thailand
In my metropolitant , Bangkok ,thers is a traffic problem. So eat while travelling is better than going late. Do you think so?

Chris Gomez - Brazil
I think that wathing people eating in front of you on a bus, for istance, is very boring because you may be hungry by the time!
Sophia, from Ethiopia In Ethiopia there is no fast food shops we don't know it at all. People do not have mony to buy foods on the rood, even if it is accesed. Every body is poor here.

I suppose,everybody believes more or less superstitious, even though person doesn't notice themselves. In every day life,people don't think of superstition, on the other hand, in an emergency or in trouble people pray for got to save us. Therefore humanbeings have a sense of superstitions to some extent.

Vanessa, France
I think it's not a good thing to eat while one travels.But i know this case, you don't have time but unfortunately you must eat, so you do as you can.But I recognize that it is surely not very pleasant for the people who surround you.

BD, Korea
Eating is so important that we should try to find time for it anyhow.

lahcen karimi/Morocco
In Western countries,people are reduced to their consuming habits.Too hectic schedules lets out heart troubles and diabetes.Productivity scores competition calls old age ,over-exploitation of dear natural resources. All this to suit Mr Capital and Mrs Liberty(married to Mr Bush and Blair) at the expense of kidsfuture,intercoun- try justice and safety in the world. Please Let the OTHERS think,act and live the way they will.Give a voice to THOSE nonconformists who oppose DECISION MAKERS there.Not radical,nor communist or anarchist,as a humble teacher,I say the more we simplify,the more complex we make things

kiki china
In my contry a lot of people have three meals a day at home at centain time.I think that's a good habit.But in some part of china,such as CHONG QI province many people eat on move.In fact that"s depend on yourself.if you want to keep healthe you shoud not eat on move1

as julia i think its not a good habbit known at least in our country to eat while traveling

Sophary from Cambodia
In my opinion, eating depends on personel manners, situation and every country. In my home people don't like eating while they are travelling. On the other hand, it is not comfortable to have meal while you commute.

I don't like to eat on the way.But since time is precious in UK,I think I will do most of people do in UK,that will save time.

Elion , South Africa
Without a doubt,meal on the move brings benefit to people especially who has a very dynamic and flexible life.However, such habit will influence health negatively in a longterm,so I still suggest people can enjoy the food prepared by themself.

carlos colombia
in my country, the people take lunch at twelve oclock and soo many people go to home

Julia, France
I think it's no good to eat when you trevel in the transport.It's no very pleasent for the men around you.

Julia, France
I think it's no good to eat when you trevel in the transport.It's no very pleasent for the men around you.

Mary from china
I believe,basically,people like enjoying their meal in a good environment,but just like Victor said,sometimes we don't have choice,therefore,people in the world have different life.In the city I live ,few people have their meal on the move,we usually have meal at home or in the restaurant.As to health,I disagree to eating on the move.For people who have to take long time to work from home ,I think they have their reason to do so.

Maggic Pan from shanghai China
In my country so many people's home always far away from their working place,so they will get up early to catch bus,no many of time to eat breakfast and they have no choice just do it on the bus.

yong yang China
busy is a common phenomenon around the mordern world, but I would like to say, give you sometime, enjoy your breakfast or lunch.

Aurélie Jeudy from France
Everybody is free to do what they want. But in another hand, it's not good for health to eat when you walk. The digestion is not the same and you can not have the same pleasure to eat. I know that it's maybe because I 'm french that I think to the pleasure of eating at first. It's very important to eat correctly if we want to live better. Eating a hamburger and walking is for me very dangerous in a long run. Think about that!!


Anna, Macau
According to Chinese tradition, people prefer enjoy their food in gathering tables rather than eating in transit. Also, eating in transit is not health. On the other hand, Macau is a small place,we can travel from place to place within couple minutes, that's why we seldom consume in transit.

I think eating on the move is not good for your health!If you eating on the move you must eat quickly,this is not good for your stomach,maybe you will stomachache.I think eating on the move is very dangerous,maybe you will get a accident!So i think eating at home or restaurant is better.

I think it depends. Nowadays, more and more people are busy because they want to save their time to do business. They think that taking their food away is a best choice in their work time. However, if you have enough time for your meal, I believe you should go to restaurant because of your health. In conclusion, it is acceptable, but people do not do it very often.

It isn't a polite action when you are at the public place. in my country ,many people have food on their moving,but I don't agree with them doing ,you can get up earlier and have food before you leave home

I don't like eating food and another things in the cinema or pubilc place. beacuse,this is very impolite.

Time is symbol of money,people eat fast food for saving lots of time,in this society,it is a good way to raise work efficiency.But it is really not good for people"s healthy.People who always eat fast food as lunch or dinner have to contral the times of fast food.

Yiji China
What you eastis much important than how you eat.

Jane. China
In my country, People usually dont eat food on the move because it looks unhealth.Anyway if someone hurry up the time, they maybe have to eat food on the move.

Rick Hunter from CN
I don't care about what kind of people having breakfast in public transportation

Laigle Zhang , China
sometimes maybe you need to do that because you may get up late in the morning

ismail turkey
after i come to london i do not hate the traffic of istanbul anymore.

Cherry from China
When I was in China ,I always go home to have lunch,but now I am in England,there is no tima going home,so I have to eat bread or takeway every weekday.

Thuc from Vietnam
In my country, it's difficult to eat on the move because motorbike is the most popular transportation mean. In addition, our culture does not support eating in public. It is not consider a polite conduct. I think it depends on culture. If I come to London I will eat on the bus too.

Dan from Spain
I thin eatin in a bus is a way of having breckfast if you have no choice.

Martha Liu ;P.R OF China
In my country ,there are many people eating their food in transmit ,because they think that can save time .But i think that is only a habit ,which i don't like !

lrh from china
i don't think it is a good healthy to eat while travelling by bus or train

yunyun zhang China
Maybe I think that they want to save to do their work.

Mary from China
if they have enough time, i think they prefer eat at home or restaurant. And itis also not healthy for them to eat while walking or in bus.

Nishimura - Brazil
Mealtime is not only to refuel something like energy or fuel. It's a time to enjoy meal and relax.

shwan Iraq
it is not healthy because, you are not relaxed also also bus is not a restaurant.

skender from albania
i think eating on the bus is not good,because make worse for stomak,but seing that people travel long they have to eat food during the travel.

hamid from algeria
In my opinion to eate while travelling it is worse things to do because you are not feeproling better and the food is not properly .

sahra soomalia
i think is not good because it not healthy for example the bus gofast same peopl a sik on the bus .

Ofevzi London
My in opinion:Pepole who eat while they're travelling by bus or train an healthy end so fat,and dirty plase.

aisha mania libya.
most people like eating in the bus but Idon't like beacuse eat healthy food.

it's bad because it's not healthy. for example when you eat food in the bus may be you get stomach ache, but most people don't have any choice. this is because most people have long Journeys.

aisha mania libya.
most people like eating in the bus but Idon't like beacuse eat healthy food.

eating on long distance travel is ok,not on the daily commuting,that doesn't seem nice.

Susan, China
Itis not good for health, but sometimes we have to eating food on the move. Like me, I always do that on the bus. Every morning, I have no enough time to eat breakfast.

A3 from China(Hunan)
It unheathy to eat while you are travelling.

If you see a man is eating when he walks,or on bus,he must be a student.Bcause the students,espeically students of high-middle school are busiest.^_^

June China
In Beijing, most staff don't have enough time and habit of going home for lunch. So some of us bring lunch from home or eat at a restaurant arround the office building.

Ramón - Buenos Aires (Argentina)
In the biggest city you always find several costumers. Here, in Buenos Aires, the lowest workers have lunch in that way. That´s why the worker class must have a political organization to avoid being defeated by the capitalist class.

Steven Xu
It is not a good way to eat food when you are travelling.on the other hand,It will not take you so long to eat food at a cafeterial

mask from Beijing, P.R. China
Eating in transit will cause stomach troulbe. And it is indelicate from senior's view.

Luis (Venezuela)
In Venezuela is not used to go home in order to have lunch. That means that people have to carry their own food or buy it. Last option can be a problem, because generally, food sold on the street isn't healthy, and people also tend get chipper food (and it can mean fat, high calories food). Here, it isn't common to eat while people commute.

Alex from Russia
I think it is not good for stomach but it helps to save time

bleach China
I am not like food!

Hyun , Korea
In England,I've seen many people who eating on the move. I don't think it isn't good. The street are stained by rubbishes from foods. In my country, it isn't common behaviors. Although people in Korea are busy, they aren't usually eat foods on the move.

Ali Hargeisa, Somaliland
In my country it is a bad habit to eat food in the train or bus. Eating in every where is not good for your health.

tagreed from iraq
I think its not good habits eat food on move and i dont like to eat in transit

winona China(Tianjin)
I think eating food in transit is not good habits espeically for young people.The nutriment can not be assimilated completely.

fariba- iran
in iran many people works for 10 hours or more ; but thay would be rather than that eating lunch or dinner in home

Roushan Aziz Bangladesh
In our country it is quite impossible to eat while commuting as the buses and trains are overcrowded all the time,so the habit of food on the move didn't grow.Also in my openion eating in a crowded bus is really unhealthy and I would feel uneasy eating alone and others watch specially while Iam on my way to work or home.If Iam on a pleasure trip then it's okay.

Ryan China
while as in china, especially some small cities, people usually go back home for lunchs as well as breakfasts and dinners. Among some youngers, restaurants are more available than before as they can get more money from their parents which is a consequence of the signifacant growths of china's economy.You can not imagine how to eat in transit, cause there will be so many people around in the public transport, and the air was so awful.

Marina Taiwan
Mostly, people in my country spend 40 minutes to 60 minutes to commute from home to work. During the lunch time, people like to eat outside of work instead of staying office for fast food. In Taipei, there are lots of food courts near by big companies so people have a lot of variteis to choose from Dumpling, Noodles, to Curry Chieken and so on.

I.S. Bulgaria
At least one meal a day should be eaten in comfort at home, or in a good restaurant where they are not eager to chase away customers as quickly as possible. But during a workday, when busy, quick 'refuelling" is inevitable. In my country people do it in the office, or the nearby fast-food place, or eat a sandwich while in the street. To eat in a train is OK, but not in a bus or taxi.

Adriano Brazil
Fooding on work, at work or do not go home to food mean more money and less life

Ohnamr Myanmar
It is impolite habit.

One should admit that this is a problem.There are definitely objective reasons for eating on move. Of course it is not always a pleasant picture for othres who don't eat at the moment.To reach compromise eating should be allowed only in buffet cars.

In Hong Kong, most of public transports, such as bus or trains, are not allow eating.

violet come from China
In my country, many people stay in company on lunch time,for the company is far away from home, so the company often offer the stuff with lunch , people need not go home.

Darit Taiwan
I think someone eat food on move is still in a hurrry. In my country, there is not so much people eat on move.

Zbynek Prague
If somebody wants save a time, it's eating out of the dinning table good thing. But standard eating is better.

Sylvia Peru
In my country is really dificult eat in a bus because they are really unconfortable. But I don't like that, because is terrible smell food. It affects other people. It is the same like use a movil telephone, and in a lot of countries this is not allowed

pan from Taiwan
We must catch school time on the moring.So we must eat food on move.But at lunch or dinner,we did'nt do that.We are always take a long time for eating.

Sean from Korea
It's hardly to see people in a bus or subway while commuting in Korea. I also feel it weird as others. Koreans, however, eat on move while travelling.

Tom from Poland
World is faster and faster and it becames normal, that people don't have time to eat in normal condition (home, bar)... In bus or tram, I like to read something or listen, I'm not in the habit of eating something there

Lucia Hong Kong
Eating on MTR is prohibited. Hong Kong people are rather constrained in this case.

ahmed (Oman)
The working hours in Oman start at 7:30 till 2:30pm and that due to the hot weather in Oman.As a result,people go and eat at home since they have a plenty of time to get home and eat with their families.

mahmood IRAN
I think if I have very important thing to do , it is good to eat food on move, beacuse it save the time.

Nurzat Kyrgyzstan
I think eating in transit is ok, because it is cheaper and faster. But there is one thing that concerns me it is the qaulity of such food. Sometimes it is not fresh. So I would think of new ways to prolong its shelf life.

Zakirul , Bangladesh
Heavy eating is bad for health

suzuki from Japan
I think it is not good while trabeling. It is very dangerous to eat something with driving.

i like to eat in a restaurant or at home because i feel more comfortable. However, in Hong Kong, most of us have to go out to have lunch and are in hurry all the time. So we have to accept the necessity of people eating on the move.

cyh Xuzhou China
few pepole have food when the time on the train or bus is no more than an hour.we would like to have food at home or other quiet place.

Carlos Bolivia
Our principal meal is soup, so people go home to eat their lunch or they look for a place where to eat

S.K. from Japan
In Japan eating on the move is ill-mannered. I have never seen people eating on a train or a bus. Most people have their lunch at a cafeteria or a restaurant near their work place. Some people bring their own lunch. I myself buy my lunch at a convenience store or a bakery and have it at my desk.


I don't mind to see people who are eating on moving. Everybody likes to eat comfortably, somehow, due to special reasons, in modern soceity, people can't have much time to sit at the table for eating breakfast or speed forces people to be as efficient as possible. Therefore, more and more people have to change their eating habit.

Luigi from Rome
I think, eat is a pleasure, but often the daily routine don't allows us to take the necessary time.

Ibrahim , Israel
In our country people use to sit and eat . Rarely you see people eating during their walk .

S.Goto Japan
In Japan,a few people eat food on move. I sometimes see Middle-aged man drinking archol on move. It's bad hobit,I think.

Bach Vietnam
I am neutral in this subject. Whether you are for or against eating on the go depends on your customs, traditions or table manner, For Western world, where fast food has been so popular for decades, eating in trasit is commonly seen. Meanwhile, static table manner is the habit of Eastern people, so they may see eating on the move is something impolite. Yet, scientifically speaking, I think to some extent, eating on the move may cause stomarch trouble if it is repeated days by days.

Fumie from Japan
It's bad habits to eat food in a public trnasit. You want to sit down on the unclean seat with crumbs? No, I don't.

Pan China
We'd better not eat on the move.Chewing food and walking on the street frequently means you lose so many chances to enjoy the following joy: cirling about the table with your family or friends, chatting and enjoying the tasteful food.

Gabriel Mexico
I think that is not good for stomach and it would be good eat healthy foods if you are travelling in

Gabriel Mexico
I think that is not good for stomach and it would be good eat healthy foods if you are travelling in

Eating on the move is not common in our country. I think it is good idea to take little rest and eat.

abdel from paris
I think that people here in paris spend more time in commuting than british, but never eat when they are traveling

Paula Taiwan
Actually I don't agree that people eat in transit. But sometimes people nowadays just don't have enough time to sit and enjoy the meals.

aline from france
In france, it's usuall eating in the job, or buying food near their work. The people don't have a time for to go at home for consequence, there are people in the fast-food.

I think eating on the move is bad for health. Is better eat at home tranquily rather than eating when driving or walking.

Madinina, France
In France, there are many people who eat while they are at work. I think is good if people can't comme back at their home. So I prefer eat quitely, in my house. Eating at home is BETTER!!

wallen france
i think eating in a board it's not polit because everybody see you

dams y florients
We think it's good to eat swandwichs in bus because we can save lot of time.

Alricke i jimio from Italy
I think eating travelling is not bad for health, it's a good thing when we have not any time.But eating a good course in the restaurant like spaghetti or pizza it's better than eating travelling when you have time to eat..

stephanie et marie. France
taking time to eat is important for me. But I think people who don't have time to eat at work can take a sandwich at lunch.

Jean-Edoir from France
I think eating while you are traveling is bad not healthy and impolite.But in france lot of people eating near their work because they haven't any time.

Vladimir Kosonogov et Yuvgana Pritilovska from Fra
In france we don't use eating during the commuting. We take the time to eat at home or in the restaurant. Be quiet during the meal is better than eating during walking. We think spend the time to eat is more important than eat on the move. It's more healthy.

anola and maelle in France
We thinks that people who doesn't have any time to eat, go to restaurant or bring the sandwishes to work. While they come back at their home because they have 2 hours to eat!!!For younger they can eat in their school or eat food on the move: it's not a problem. On the opposite, we will never see poeple to eat in the bus.Kisses for all over the world and particulary for japanese chinese and spain

i don`t like eating on the move because i thing it`s no good for health

Albena, Bulgaria
Food on the move is so unwholesome. It cause a damages on the body, of it`s weight, and this will be endanger for human health. I would like never to eat like this.

Tom, switzerland
I think a lot of people prefer having a break and a healthy meal instead a fastfood menue.

hong kong
I think eating is an enjoyment, so i think it is acceptable to spend more time to eat!

xuhuazhu china
i don't like this way of eating on move.

lixi'en lanzhou
I think eating while you are travelling is not healthy.In my city, people usually go home to have lunch..

Faraja ,Tanzania
it's not good to eat in transit coz there are lot of bacteria in air , i mean harmful bacterias so by eating on transit you may get transmited disseas because your food will be contamineted by those bacterias

Pham Hong Anh in HCMC, Vietnam
In Vietnam, a large portion of population usually have their three main meals at home with other family members. But sometimes, people eat out with friends for fun. There are not many people eating on bus/train. If we can see them eating on travelling mainly just they are hungry or they do eating for killing travelling time.

vicky Taiwan
Sometimes, I redally enjoy eating ice cream or bread when I go shopping. I think eating on the move is not good for health in the mealtime.

kan Pakistan
Eating food on move is not a good habit. It can not only deteriorate one's health but also seems immoral when on move. In Pakistan, most of government and semi government employees enjoy their food at home. The reason for this is the fixed six working hour per day. However I don't suggest the life is mere for stuffing up all the time, you must have to spare off some time out of your busy daily routine for proper breakfast, lunch and dinner.

YoungSik, South Korea
Maybe, the public transportation in London is so comfortable that people can eat food in transit. In Seoul, you never dream of eating food in transit, especially in rush hour.

Shirley HK
Eating food in transit is the global culture nowadays. It shows that the people treasure their time. They will not miss any chances in transit. For example, if they don't eat the food on the move, they may read the books, newspaper, or listen the MP3.

Nam Tran, Vietnam
In my opinion, food on the move is exceptable. Because, when travelling on bus, for example, if you eat anything there will have smell and it bother other people in the same bus. In other hand, when eating in bus, people will leave litter. In our country, they do not allow food on the move.

kimhan Thailand
I think it is a acceptable activity.

Manuel Spain
In Spain is unusual to see people eating in a bus or in a train

This is not a good practice in order to keep life quality, if you ask me.

zoe from China
NOt very polite I think,but actually I often do this ,because I'm in a hurry sometimes

Samuel , Brazil.
For me, it´s normally, ´cause we are animals, and eat, and etc. So, the people need to eat is the more important. Not the place!

Mari Carmen and Jose from Spain
We don't like to eat on public transport, because it is very impolite, due to the fact that you can spill food. You can get the transport dirty and annoy other passenger.

Junko Japan
I think it is ok for people to eat something in the train or bus, but when people eat something there, they have to take care not to mess up.

Osamu Tamaki,Japan
Amoung young people in big city,Eating on the road might have been thought fasionable.But,generally speaking,people hate to see anyone eating food in trains and buses.

Maria, Madri
I don´t like eating on move.You couldn´t taste as good as you was sit down

terry from japan...
once upon a time ,most of the korean always eat together with their family... but , modern time...they shouldn`t eat like that way...and they seemd to be shamed to eat fast food because they active own their life adoted from fastned situation..

adel iran
the poeple in my country belive eating in a bus or train is not good because maby the place that we eat in it is not clean and have bacteria or other micro organism

Simon from China
I don't like to eat and drink in transit, especially long journey. It's difficult to find the toilet.

jung-ho south korea
In korea, many people don't like to eat food on move. only kids do that.

I dont like having food in transit, but sometimes you have to eat while travelling,because in China , the busy hour,you can't find a seat in the restaurant.

Ariane, Germany, Berlin
In my opinion it’s impolite to eat and to drink on the way. But sometimes it is impossible to NOT do that. In Germany a lot of people eat and drink on public places or in public transportations. So I drink (but not alcohol) and eat on my way, even knowing that it is impolite. It’s stupid and inconsistent, but there are other things more important then this: for examples I love treats not only in transit. :-)

Juergen Kunkel from Berlin
In my opinion to heave a meal in transit is not a good idea. It is not good for the stomach. Even meal should be a little ceremony. And life is too short for bad meals!

Mrs S Beg, UK
I think its OK if sometimes anyone is running out of time but don't make it a habit. Brain gives the signal how you enjoy your food. Don't bother the brain to do two jobs at a time specially if you are driving. Don't put you and your family at risk.

Juergen Kunkel (Berlin-DC)
In my opinion to have a meal in transit is not a good idea. It is not a good idea for the stomach. Every meal should be a little ceremony. And life is to short for bad meals!

Patrice France
I don't like to see people eating inside the métro or the bus. I think, it's not very hygienic. And the smell, sometimes it's horrible. No thank you.

lbl china
I dont think it is necessary to eat food on the move,you may have another choice.I seldom do so.

Aytemur Turkey
At first i dont think people like having their lunch on any whicle but if you dont have enoughf time to go any place to lunch you must have your lunch on any whicle or anywhere.

janackova czech republik
I think that it is very unpleasant to eat on move. In addition public transport is usually crowded in my country and you have no seat. So, it is horrible situation to eat there.

janackova czech republik
I think that it is very unpleasant to eat on move. In addition public transport is usually crowded in my country and you have no seat. So, it is horrible situation to eat there.

simonetta Italy
when I see someone who eats while travelling, I think that he\she cannot eat at home or at a restaurant because he\she is busy. It isn't a great thing eating while travelling for the person who must do it. Better eat while travvelling than not eating!!!

pauline(Hong Kong)
Time is very expensive for business country like England. People prefer to earn more time to sleep, to work or etc., so they take their food on the move. I don't think this is an impolite behaviour prohibated that people take away their rublish after they are take off the public transport

Naresh, Nepal
In Nepal people donot consume food in transit, but, I think, it is important to consume food on the way because of time shortage.

genny from italy
I think that in italy lots of people come back home for lunch.they spend about two hours at home and they also have lunch with their family

Poytree from China
For health,it's not good For time,it dosn't save much So if i were them,i wouldn't do this

chris china
I think it is not good habits eat food on move.and do harm for is unpolite behavior

Janny from Hong Kong
I think most people in Hong Kong do not like to eat in transit, since transition time is short and the act is unhealthy.

william HongKong
I don't people eat food when they are traveling in

lida shanghai
many people think eating on the move is not a good habit and not very plotie ,but i want to say i like eating kinds of food while travelling .it is very funny .i can eat ,move and look at the time.very interesting.try it you will find it is great.

yang beilei
IN China people think eating is a very importent thing .

Angie China
Eating on the move is necessary for a certain people who'd like saving time in this way. But from my point of view, eating on the move is disapproved because it isn't refined in manner and good for health.

shadi basurra(YEMEN)
It is unfair to say that eating while people on the move is impolite habit. and we should consider the long distance that some people have to travel every day to work .another important point that the sort of transport people take to go to work .fore example it is permissible for people to eat on the trains rather than eating in taxis or buses considering the space and comfort that trains provide but not the others. In fact in England nearly every train has its own cafeteria that provides food for the passengers. In Yemen “my country” every one eats at home .simply because lunch is the main meal and we think it’s better to have it with family. Another reason that we don’t have train and we prefer to work near the area that we live in.

Mateus, Brazil, São Paulo
In São Paulo, it´s not usually people go home to have lunch, however almost everybody who lives near from the job go. For example: I have to have lunch every day at restaurants.

Paulo from Brazil
In Brazil is not commom the people eat something while are walking on street or in public transportation , even that the smell is terrible for other people

M. Ali
I don't like to see anyone eating on the move. I should have a seat and have food.

stephany, taiwan
My family always have breafast in our own car from Monday to Friday, because we need to catch office time and my childs need to go school on time. It is really hard to find a family who have their reakfast together in Taiwan except for the old people.

harvey China
In China, people usually start work at 8 o'clock,and someone can't get up they have to eat on move or don't eat at all.In lunch time, only a few lucky ones can go home, most have to eat at workplace,usually fast-food,chinese fast-food:vegetable,meat or fish or poultry,and rice as staple have plenty of choice,and the dishes are delicious ,since you eat them everyday ,you will get bored someday.

i think the matter is how important is food's quality and how deep is food'culture in people's brain. I'm italian and I taste food, I don't eat everything only for refuelling!!!

sui from uk
I don't think it's a good habite to eat food on the move. First, you won't taste the food as good as you sit down and enjoy it. Secondly, you tend to lose your concentration on the road, therefor you might face danger.

karin Hong Kong
The buses and thetrain can't allow people eatting in hong kong.However,sometimes I saw that people was eatting in transport. I don't agree people eat in buses or train because this is bad habit.