US Presidential election : Your views

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3 November, 2004

George W Bush will serve a second term as President of the United States after Democratic challenger John Kerry acknowledged defeat in the US election.

In his victory speech, Mr Bush said he would reach out to Democrat voters and make them believe in him.

Senator John Kerry made his concession speech to crowds gathered in Boston. He congratulated the president and spoke of the need to unite the country.

Send us your experiences and views of the US election and its results. What will President Bush's second term mean for America, and the rest of the world?

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Good luck with the record deficit, the growing unemployment, and continuing lack of friends

Charlize Hoff, Frankfurt, Germany

Yes I am European and wanted Kerry to win. But at the end of the day it doesn't affect me as much as those who voted for Bush. Good luck with the record deficit, the growing unemployment, and continuing lack of friends...and of course, the more hostile terrorists that Bush has unleashed. Kerry would have been better for you, and you guys are going to kick yourselves. Security, Pah! Anyone, including Kerry could have instigated security for your country. Bush has only taken away your civil liberties and created a big brother dictatorship.
Charlize Hoff, Frankfurt, Germany

The founding fathers must be turning in their graves right now. I am ashamed to be an American.
Erin, Boston, MA USA

President Bush you either love him or hate him but you always know where he stands. According to a lot of the people writing in, it is the educated people who vote for Kerry. Do I need a master's degree or PhD to vote? The Democrats need a solid challenger, and Hillary isn't it. This is all from an uneducated point of view of course.
Mike Dreisbach, Kentucky, USA

When we want to choose a Miss America, we get like 50 choices...

Vinayak Raghuvamshi, Alexandria, VA

The electoral college certainly needs revamping. But there is a much bigger problem that everybody is ignoring, which is that when we want to choose a Miss America, we get like 50 choices. But when we want to choose our president, we get just two.
Vinayak Raghuvamshi, Alexandria, VA (USA)

It's truly a shame that as Americans we have to be categorized into red and blue states. As a Republican formerly from the Midwest, I wish many of my counterparts voted on the issues alone. The Republican party has been extremely successful over the past couple of decades in harvesting the conservative vote. If conservatives really knew that the Democratic party would serve them better, things would be different. To me, this election was about the head (issues) versus heart (values). The heart won. I just hope we collectively have a large enough stomach to deal with the next 4 years.
Matt Majer, New York City

President Bush has won the election, and it seems almost surreal. I am disappointed in our political system; and fearful for not only our generation, but the subsequent one. America has made a fatally wrong decision; which will unfold before our eyes, if we can bear to look at the gargantuan monster of war, square in the eyes. When will people understand that America needs a president with superior intellect, one who can bring the Nation together, install adequate healthcare; and above all, hold the American people in the highest regard, in regard to policies. Martin Luther King said "I have a dream". I say, "The dream has died for now, but we can not let the nightmare intimidate or eradicate us. Let's work together, for a better brighter lovelier America. Remember, Bush may have the White House, But he can never "have" the American people.
Alissa Leonard, Chicago, USA

To the Americans who voted for Kerry; hold your head high, you did all that you could

Chelsea, Toronto, Canada

To the Americans who voted; Good for you. To the Americans who voted for Kerry; hold your head high, you did all that you could. To those Americans who voted for Bush and 4 more years of incompetent leadership; You will get exactly what you deserve. To my fellow Canadians who live in such close proximity to what is apparently a large population of war- mongering idiots, we must continue to remain unmoved by propaganda and threats and again respond with a polite "No thank you" to the next request to join the "coalition of the willing to bomb other countries because we feel like it". With Bush in office again it's only a matter of time.
Chelsea, Toronto, Canada

Given that George Bush has got a second term in office, one of his biggest challenges will be to try and win over the other half of the country that didn't vote for him.
Barney Ambrose, Twickenham England

I now must seriously consider moving to Canada. I am simply astonished that an apparent majority of Americans can support the manipulation, deception and failed diplomacy of Bush. Moreover, I am appalled at our election process and the pressure for Mr. Kerry to concede when we clearly do not have an account of all the votes.
Amy Leigh, Chapel Hill NC, USA

I just want to point out to some of the posters on this board that I am not ignorant, mislead or misinformed. In fact I am very well educated and quite well read and am very aware of events world wide. I voted for George Bush because I believe his policies are best for this country. Bottom line; my opinion is just as valid as a liberal one and in this country I am free to express it.
K.L. Walker, Los Angeles, CA

However happy or miserable anyone is, let's deal with the situation at hand

Pat Pattesron, Waco, Texas

The election is over. The results are in. The system worked. Now, however happy or miserable anyone is, let's deal with the situation at hand. People who don't understand need to have an open mind to the way things work in America. I hear and read about how many people are saying that America just doesn't get it, why would they vote for George W? Well obviously America is saying why shouldn't they vote for George W? Good or bad this is the way things are.
Pat Pattesron, Waco, Texas

I am happy that Americans came out to vote in record numbers, and I support the Democratic process. I voted for John Kerry, because I wanted to get George Bush out of office. I hope that the rest of world finally stands up against our American President and our policies and do not support him. The next four years are going to be a living nightmare.
Taf, Baltimore, Maryland; USA

Oh stop the sensationalism! Bush isn't that bad, and Kerry certainly wouldn't have been that good. I voted for Bush, and my vote certainly was not driven by fear. Far from it! I'm genuinely optimistic about the next four years, difficult though they may be.
Shane Watts, USA

At least Bush won properly this time

Jon Sanderson

At least Bush won properly this time, however I am completely disappointed with America's ability to reason with the facts. Bush is a disaster as President and will only serve to further alienate America from the rest of the world. Any future President who wishes to improve America after Bush has gone will have a very hard time.
Jon Sanderson

I feel great pity on behalf of the American people, as it is a poor reflection of themselves to have re-elected this sham of a leader. For those who protest against European criticism of the USA and of the Bush administration, they are quite right in that their country is free to choose its own way. However it is when the US meddles needlessly in foreign affairs that the Europeans really get critical
Philip, Belfast, Northern Ireland

What does the likely outcome of this election mean to me over here in Australia? It means that the majority of U.S citizens prefer: war to the possibility of peace, unilateralism to the possibility of a worldwide effort in the face of terrorism, more reliance on oil and the Middle Eastern problems that come with it, to the possibility of more sustainable and viable energy sources. These amongst other issues were clear differences between the two candidates. Unfortunately I fear that they will get what they ask for and takes us down with them.
David Allen, Brisbane, Australia

Bush has done nothing to address the Palestinian / Israeli conflict, which is the source of Arab terrorism directed at the United States. Bush's 'war on terror' attacks the symptom of a much deeper (and global) dis-ease. His thinking is fundamentalist, dualistic and, ultimately, unrealistic. Welcome to the second Dark Ages.
David Gansz, Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA

George Bush is a true leader and 58.6 million Americans agreed with him

Eric Driscoll, Scottsdale, AZ

George Bush is a true leader and 58.6 million Americans agreed with him, which is a new record. Most of the rhetoric everyone hears is partisan babble that has to be discounted. The American people have spoken and those who still won't admit our economy is on the way up and George Bush's policies are the reason why need a reality check.
Eric Driscoll, Scottsdale, AZ

Why is everyone here speaking as if America overwhelmingly supported President Bush last night? I myself was surprised at how well he did in the popular vote, but come on folks, he hardly got a landslide! A 40% disapproval rating in most states is hardly a sign of unanimous support. I am saddened that Americans have given into fear mongering and the unilateralism of the neo-cons, but as one of the significant minority who voted otherwise I'd appreciate some acknowledgement. We're not alone; 240 electoral votes is nothing to sneeze at. Please don't lump all Americans under the Bush banner just because of this election! We are not all mindless consumers of Fox-propaganda.
Daniel McWhirter, Grand Rapids, MI

Let's see - the American economy is in the dumps, world opinion of the United States has hit an all time low, and the war in Iraq has no end in sight and is thus far, disastrous (both financially and morally.) It makes perfect sense why Bush was re-elected.
Luis, Illinois, USA

It all came down to trust and John Kerry just didn't win America's trust

Marianne, Durham, NC

It seems the world stands in shock as we re-elect a President they feel brings nothing but "horror." Maybe I can shed some light on why this may have occurred. The US truly is in a war mentality now and not because of Iraq. War has been declared on us and us alone. Our allies get some fallout, but we are truly the target. It was declared many years before Bush came into office and we just didn't listen. Now we are listening and many people feel strongly that our actions in Iraq will ultimately bring peace and sovereignty to (hopefully) the entire Middle East. No one knows how to fight this war. It all came down to trust and John Kerry just didn't win America's trust. Hillary won't either. The Democrats need a strong, solid leader if they want to challenge the Republicans in a time of war. They chose the wrong candidate this time.
Marianne, Durham, NC

I realize that the Europeans are not too happy with our election results, but it was OUR election, not there's. As for Europe, they can either participate in the next 4 years of history, or, once again be left at the wayside. It's their decision, we already made ours.
Paul, Tampa, FL. USA

What has been demonstrated here is the power of the uneducated voter. Many allowed partisan propaganda to affect their decision without looking into the candidates properly. The President is the "President", not a drinking buddy or a pal. Personally, I am dreading the next four years under Bush. Way to go guys!
Ben, Royal Oak, MI USA

I've been so disheartened by Bush's misguided domestic and international policies

Jeanmarie, Jacksonville, FL, USA

I'm a lifelong Republican who, with considerable trepidation, cast my vote for John Kerry because I've been so disheartened by Bush's misguided domestic and international policies. I also hate that his tenure has so distorted and debased America's position in the world. However, you can't really blame the voters; too many didn't feel they had any choice but to stick with someone they knew. The real fault for sending Bush back for another term lies with the Democratic Party for not presenting a stronger alternative to Bush. Kerry never inspired the majority of the American electorate to view him as anything other than a protest vote. Trust me, many many people here held their nose as they cast their vote for Bush.
Jeanmarie, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Oh goodness, what a sad day this is for democracy. With Bush as president for next 4 years we can only look forward to more incompetence. America will continue to lose the trust within it's allies and the respect of the rest of the free world.
Darren Bussler, Staffs, England

A resounding victory by President Bush, both in the Electoral College as well as the popular vote; it'll be an even bigger victory once the military ballots are counted.
A US Army Ranger, Amarillo, Texas

I'm pretty tired of European criticism of my country

Patrick, USA

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, to let their voice be heard. But I'm pretty tired of European criticism of my country. You guys are so willing to throw criticism around without looking at your own plight. Poor economic performance, rising unemployment, rising anti-Semitism, etc. Try criticising your leaders, and let us (Americans) worry about ours.
Patrick, USA

The comments here split into two groups: Those outside America who can see the damage Bush has done and those inside America who seem to believe the never ending propaganda they are bombarded with.
Tim Barraclough, Birmingham, UK

Many of us held out hope that large turnout would reveal a sane, reality-based electorate, one that votes for policy rather than the made-for-TV "values" portrayed by these candidate-actors. This result, with such high turnout, is truly depressing. It shifts much of the responsibility for the out-of-touch, discriminatory, bullying attitude portrayed by our current leadership to the people themselves. Separation of church and state is no longer valued by the majority in the U.S. The founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves.
Christie, PA, USA

This election was irrational fear against highly rational anger. It looks like fear got the better of us this time. Here on the West Coast, we are holding on to the hope for Ohio - we haven't lost yet, and stranger things have happened. Perhaps there is still a miracle in the making.
Connie Howard, Palo Alto, CA, United States

Bush wins, and it really tells something about people of the United States. More war and misery.
Annika, Helsinki, Finland

Kerry did not present a sufficiently attractive alternative

Mark, USA

The American People have spoken. The world's oldest democracy is thriving with record turnouts of voters across the entire nation. Kerry lost because he was fatally flawed in several respects and Kerry did not present a sufficiently attractive alternative to widely disliked President Bush.
Mark, USA

There are so many people here who cannot get over the fact that the USA is a democracy. If you lose an election, a fair election, in a democracy it is not the end of the world.
Kristian, Cambridge

Republicans ran a campaign blitz predicated on fear, shrouded in antiquated cultural mores, and will reap exactly what they have sown.
Ryan, Arlington, Virginia

I see George Bush as an antagonistic president; I think he will probably win. Most New Zealanders want Kerry to win.
Joanne Bond, Dunedin New Zealand

This is a tragic day for our planet

Raymond Perrez, Toulouse, France

The voice of America indeed - but which America? How so many people voted for Bush is mind-boggling. An absolute disaster. This is a tragic day for our planet and for all of us, wherever we live.
Raymond Perrez, Toulouse, France

If Bush wins, as it seems now, we will have more problems. For the world it's a sad day. The conflicts with Europe will widen. And the hatred against the US will also widen. Just hope for 2008 and Hillary Clinton.
Peter, Gothenburg, Sweden

I find it simply amazing how much the rest of the world is shocked by the US election results. I think somehow they come to expect that the United States is here to respond to all the world's will and beckoning call. Not so! This time we opened up our political wallets and cheque books and spent our political capital on what is right for ourselves. Now as I sit and read so many, many whiny and selfish comments from the rest of the world, it reminds me of the young child that cries after he/she just had their lollipop taken away. Don't worry everyone, the sun is going to rise tomorrow and the world is not coming to an end. Everything is going to be okay.
John, Bolingbrook, Ill

It amazes and saddens me that so many Americans can be so easily misled

Joe, Martinsburg, WV, USA

I am so angry right now it's impossible to think straight. How my fellow countrymen can possibly think that George Bush deserved to be re-elected defies explanation. The man has isolated us from our allies, has waged a war that did not need fighting, has done nothing to improve the economy, and has used social issues to drive wedges through American society under the guise of morality. It amazes and saddens me that so many Americans can be so easily misled.
Joe, Martinsburg, WV, USA

According to this result the majority of American voters are apparently happy to live in a society that eschews any kind of social or liberal values whatsoever. I fear for the future of America's many poor citizens and the minority of civilised and decent and above all educated American voters who voted for Kerry. Most of all I fear for the future of the world and hope that Europe and in particular Tony Blair takes a much tougher stance against any more US military aggression that Bush has planned for his second term.
Matt, London, UK

I hope that Ohio is not called until all the votes are counted, provisional and absentee. At least one Ohio absentee ballot was not received until Nov. 1.
Maire Goss, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

As an American living in London, I am pleased that the US results are going the way they are, it shows that Kerry's hype didn't pull off. America's position in the world is different to Finland's or Belgium, and Europeans have always been critical of the US, so why should it matter now? I wont be intimidated by what "Europe" thinks of my president because they didn't elect him.
Femi Aiy, London

To me the most interesting and the same time the most frightening fact related to this election-like reality show, is that we discuss and care about it. It seems that the American control over the planet enlarges to a fascistic dimension.
Thanos Didangelos, Athens, Greece

How pathetic! With literally tens of thousands of absentee and write-in Ballots yet uncounted, Mr. Bush is itching to declare victory. It's another very close race with Ohio as the final decisive factor.
Curtis Sherwood, Arkansas City, Kansas

These difficult times require clear leadership, dedication and strength

Fiona, Paris, France

Well I'm in the minority I guess but I'm so happy that Bush seems to be pulling ahead and will win the race. These difficult times require clear leadership, dedication and strength. Kerry didn't have any of those qualities. Bush is the only one who could lead America.
Fiona, Paris, France

It is now clear that the majority of American people do not share the same values and vision for their society that the majority of Europeans do. The UK government and the conservative governments in Europe should take note of this fact and build future EU/US relations accordingly. There is now no excuse for playing with a 'special relationship' with the US.
Ray Collins, Nicosia, Cyprus

It is "almost" unbelievable that the American people have once again chosen to allow Bush control of power for another four years. I feel as though they have turned their back on the international community, that they have forgotten that the world is small place, where America's actions affect us all.
Jennifer, Canadian living in Munich, Germany

I find it incredible that the US States are allowed so much time to count the votes. Perhaps some of the two billion dollars spent on campaigning would have been better spent on modernising their election system.
Mark Chapman, Esher, UK

I'm not a practising man but please God, Allah, Jahwe; don't let Bush win this one. The world has not become a safer or secure place. Nor has he brought prosperity or any good news. Come on Kerry or at least Hilary in 2008. Please, not another 4 years of misery!
Steven Marinus, Antwerpen, Belgium

Many friends on the East and West coasts were tired of being dominated by the middle of the country

Fleecy Moss, St Bees

Perhaps with a country so divided, it is time for it to be split into 3. I lived in the US for 6 years and loved it but many friends on the East and West coasts were tired of being dominated by the middle of the country. West Coast friends used to laughingly talk about 'Pacifica', a nation of California, Oregon, Washington State and British Columbia. They aren't laughing now, and neither is the rest of the world.
Fleecy Moss, St Bees

I was going to rant against the US people for voting in Bush. Having read the comments here, all I can say is: I am truly sorry for you, I too fear terrible times ahead.
Jim Tindal, Birmingham, UK

It's a sad day for the world if Bush wins. America will get the President it deserves, but unfortunately so will the rest of the world. In this campaign we have seen the corrupt and dishonest way so-called American democracy works. Yet they want to impose this on the rest of the world! It is high time for the rest of the world to stand up and be counted.
Rajinder Mathias, London

To those who wish to leave the country when Mr. Bush wins the election, I would say that your decision would be strange, given that there are so many people even now that are desperately trying to come here. The freedoms and privileges we enjoy, however flawed, are still about as good as any this world has to offer.
Sam T, Tacoma, Washington, USA

I am really eager to find out who will win the votes, but hopefully John Kerry will win. If Bush wins then it will be really bad for USA let alone the rest of the world!
Susan, UK

I am one of the individuals who watched with interests the way the elections were conducted. It was fantastic. Keep the standards of democracy! Keep on shining!.
Alistar, Zimbabwe

Many people in this country seem to have voted on fear

Larry Douglas,US

I can say that the election results fill me with dismay. If Bush wins this election I can honestly say that I will be embarrassed to admit that I am an American. Many people in this country seem to have voted on fear instilled in them from right-wing propaganda. The fact that the people in my country do not see the serious damage that Bush has inflicted upon this country and the world boggles my mind. Fortunately for me my wife is Canadian and now I am even more motivated to pursue my citizenship for that more enlightened country.
Larry Douglas,US

I think a win for Bush will be a disaster for African States because of his foreign policy focused on the war on terror. Because of the war on terror, African countries are being forgotten.
Joseph Chidwala, Kenya

It is of great concern that the so called greatest democracy in the world has to have lawyers and independent observers to make sure that all is above board.
David Crowther, Huddersfield England

I woke up this morning very happy. I am a big Bush supporter. I think the Dems could have won if they had put up a better candidate than Kerry. Kerry was a poor choice with a horrible history on going back and forth on issues.
Mike G, Boston, USA

Well it looks like another 4 years of hearing about WMD. God help us all and the world.
Ann Keane, Beirut, Lebanon

If, as seems increasingly likely, Bush takes a second term, it is a bleak day not just for America but for the whole world. It is frustrating having to sit back helplessly and watch as America makes a huge mistake - one which will not be confined to their borders. In the past four years George Bush has wrecked the economy, ignored the environment and allowed lives to be lost in a needless war. Who knows what more he can 'achieve' during another term? One shudders to think.
Polly, Devon, UK

Totally and utterly unbelievable

Nick, Oxford

I have just returned from Denver and San Francisco and as a regular visitor to the US I am appalled by the very visible increase of poverty as portrayed by whole communities begging on the streets. In San Francisco nearly every hotel had a protest outside from former employees 'locked out' and disenfranchised from their pensions and healthcare programmes. How can anyone with any insight into the decline of the US economy and their appalling reputation globally vote Bush back in office? Totally and utterly unbelievable...
Nick, Oxford

After looking through the comments from people in other great nations around the world, it is clearer to me now than ever that Kerry was the hope of the world. After seeing what Bush could do with four years to destroy America as we know it, and bring a dark cloud of war to the world stag, it is very frightening to me to think what he will be able to do with a Republican house and senate for another four years. God help us.
Nick, New York, USA

I just wish British elections were as close, stimulating and exciting as in the USA, whatever your political persuasion. Voter apathy in the UK is partly a result of there seeming to be no contest (whilst in reality there are huge issues at stake). People moan that there is no "opposition" over here - well if you want one, you have got to vote for it!
Richard, Kidderminster, England

I am not a US voter but my wife is. It is unbelievable how many Americans voted for Bush again regardless their experiences from the last 4 years. If Bush wins again that is bad news for the rest of the world.
Christoph Thuemmler, Edinburgh, Scotland

Oh well, looks like another four years of Bush. The good news is that this now clears the way for Hilary Clinton in 2008. Come on Hilary, the world needs you!
Steve, Munich

At least half of the country is driven by fear and selfishness

Michael, Himeji, Japan

It looks as though George Bush is to be re-elected. I used to believe that Americans were largely well meaning, peace loving people. Now I feel that at least half of the country is driven by fear and selfishness to the detriment of themselves and the world.
Michael, Himeji, Japan

For us Palestinians, the American elections used to be an important thing, but now we don't even bother who wins. Simply they are both allied with the Israelis.
Rafat, Bethlehem

I just woke up to find Bush in the lead. I feel physically sick. I wish I could go back to bed and get up in another four years.
Sarah, Brussels

I believe that anything that happens in US Vote 2004 will be for the good for the people living in America. The thing of debate is for the people outside US. New approaches and new policies will be applied by both of them in the next term. I consider Bush to be solid in his approach, if Kerry fails to make it, we might not see his "real" approach apart from all the election campaign hype!
Avinash, Dallas, Texas, USA

The Flyover President. That's what Bush should be called, after winning all those states we fly over on our way from New York to California. By the way, Kerry should concede defeat: Bush won the popular vote. The people have (regrettably) spoken.
Gerald Graham, Victoria, Canada

Perhaps Hillary would have been a better challenge to Bush

David Khan, Lahore, Pakistan

Kerry is confused. He authors the USA Patriot Act yet he is all for civil rights and liberties. He votes for the US War on Iraq, yet he changes stance when confronted. Kerry is weak. America needs a stronger president. Perhaps Hillary would have been a better challenge to Bush. But oh well, there is 2008.
David Khan, Lahore, Pakistan

I voted and I enjoyed a sunny day. As I am turning off the TV and internet, I'm seeing George W Bush pulling ahead... I'm going to go to sleep now with a sore and cloudy heart. I'm not religious, but I will pray for our world tonight.
Key, San Francisco, CA

I am hoping against hope that my state will go to Senator Kerry. I have spent the last four years ashamed of my president. I do not want to spend the next four years ashamed of my fellow Americans.
Karen, Ohio, United States

Not only has Kerry lost, but the House and the Senate have moved firmly, grimly, to the right. There is now little that can stop the Bush administration from pursuing its terrible, terrorizing agenda. We are shocked, numb, in disbelief.
Kara, San Francisco, USA

Let's hope Bush learns from the mistakes made in the first term

HA Qureshi, Islamabad, Pakistan

Well it looks like we have to put up with another four years of Bush. I think that in a country like America, it was naive to believe that Bush would lose elections. I think most Americans approve of the arrogance that Bush portrays to the world. Today, I wish Soviet Union never disintegrated and there would have been some balance still in this world.

Let's hope Bush learns from the mistakes made in the first term and we get a more peaceful and balanced world in the next four years. Maybe just like Reagan, Bush would be less radical in the next term. What's funny, except for America, Kerry would certainly have won an election anywhere else in the world.
HA Qureshi, Islamabad, Pakistan

I am following the results of the election as America turns tonight, sad, but not surprised. I knew the strength of the Republican propaganda machine and the power of the Christian Right. I, too, would identify myself as a Christian, but I will not turn my brain over to any organization who tells me how to vote. Here is a man who has involved us in an unnecessary war, rolled back ways to protect our planet, given money to the rich while many Americans can't make a living wage, and squandered much international goodwill. I am saddened that most Americans haven't seemed willing to understand the issues for themselves. I believe they would see that Bush has not done what is in the best interests of his country or the world.
Laurie, Taichung, Taiwan

This can only be proof that our educational system is in serious shambles. I believe Edmund Burke wrote that a democracy can only survive with an informed population. I fear this is proof in action, for the worse.
Brian, Seattle, USA

As Bush gains more votes, the true needs of the people are becoming less important and more distant

Jacque, Oklahoma City, OK

As a voter in conservative Oklahoma, I couldn't help my feeling of remorse as I cast my vote for Kerry. Over half of the citizens of this state voted for Bush, and for no reason. The status quo seems to be more important than the truth in this nation and nobody wants to stand up for what is right, especially the current administration. The ongoing fiscal crisis, the questionable crusades, and an indefinable war on terror overshadow the true needs of the nation and make it impossible for these needs to be addressed in the near future. As Bush gains more votes, the true needs of the people are becoming less important and more distant. If it is decided that Bush won this race, those of us in opposition will be considered so far out of the political sphere that our voices will no longer matter.
Jacque, Oklahoma City, OK

I am a Republican who has been a bit disenchanted with Bush yet I don't trust Kerry, so this was a difficult decision for me. However, I believe the US will be strong irregardless of the leader. History proves that the strength and identity of the country comes from the citizens, not the person holding office for a mere 4 year period.
Kristen, Denver, Colorado

Relief and confidence in the future

Peter, La Marque, Texas

Relief and confidence in the future. We elected him governor of our state, and later president, because he represented our capitalistic Texas viewpoint and he's going to take it and run with it. We're not going to have Mr Kerry force his socialistic Massachusetts viewpoint on us.
Peter, La Marque, Texas

This is great! Three cheers for President Bush - his clear stand on issues and leadership, is what the world needs right now; I'd rather have a leader willing to make mistakes than a leader who does nothing at all for risk of offending someone. Way to go President Bush! And also Kudos to the American people - there is some sense in them after all!
Bob, Montreal

Well we won't have to hear about anyone "stealing" the election this time. Bush will win and win by over three million votes. So, regardless of what the media would like us to think, the majority of Americans do believe in this President and we believe he is the right man for the job. Don't worry world, you hated Reagan too. You were wrong about Reagan and you are wrong about GW Bush.
Keith, MN, USA

Three words. Hillary next time.
Gary Crichlow, Miami, Florida

Despite some misgivings about the war in Iraq, most Americans see it as a vital part of the war on terrorism. President Bush has been rehired and Osama Bin Laden is a dead man walking and we will not quit Iraq until we have given the people of Iraq their chance for freedom and democracy.
James Barry, Holland, MI, USA

President Bush is a good firm leader that can lead a country

Cynthia, Philippines

I am really proud of the American people. President Bush is a good firm leader that can lead a country. Someone who is focused and determined to protect his people. That's the kind of leader we need! And America needs! Keep up the good job!
Cynthia, Philippines

It is looking very depressing indeed. Certainly looks like a Bush win. Four more years of horror for the USA and the world.
Cymeen, Singapore

I am watching the election unfold with dismay. A Bush win means an isolated America and makes the world a less stable, more sinister place to live in. I am so so sad for everyone in America.
Clare, London

It is so much easier to blame someone else for your problem than to look in the mirror. This is our election, and the voice of America is being heard.
Jeff, Kansas City, USA

My whole family, 45 people, vote Republican for one reason - abortion

Brandon Palmer, Cincinnati, Ohio

Everyone seems to ignore the fact Bush gets so much of his support from the religious right of America. My whole family, 45 people, vote Republican for one reason - abortion. I of course do not follow such folly. But it is the real power of the Republican Party.
Brandon Palmer, Cincinnati, Ohio

I hope that Kerry wins, but it seems that Bush is going to win. That is sad... wrong man wins.
Johanna, Helsinki, Finland

As a 20 year old draft-prone student, there is nothing more terrifying than seeing Bush slowly gain the upper hand in this election. I thought that we Americans would have a little more sense than what is seems to be unfolding... What does this guy offer us?! Did anyone watch the debates?

And as an added bonus, almost every gay-rights initiative has been shot down in the individual state elections across the country. Folks, there sure does need to be a strong European coalition, but not in opposition to Iraq! Canada, here I come...
Nathan Prouty, Alfred, NY, USA

Yea... Bush. All Kerry had was that he was not Bush. He showed no leadership in the Senate and has one of the most liberal voting record in the entire legislative branch. Did you really believe the majority of the US population could get behind that type of candidate? Love or hate Dubya... at least you know where he stands.
Tim, Phoenix

It's a democracy and, if he won legitimately, so be it

Aric, Virginia, USA

As of 12:17 pm, it looks pretty sure that Bush will be re-elected. If you're in another country shaking your head wondering how the United States could re-elect him all I can say is that I voted against him as did millions of us. We're no different than other you except for the fact that we live with lots of people who disagree with us. It's just that simple.

I've found myself hating him and hating, then and ultimately I find that there's no point. It's a democracy and, if he won legitimately, so be it. I'll be a disgruntled political minority for another four years and be thankful that my family is healthy and it's biggest of my problems. I can only hope the rest of you can understand that this is a sour pill you sometimes have to swallow in a democracy.
Aric, Virginia, USA

President Bush has convictions. They are controversial, but they are consistent. Many of them are similar to those I hold. Kerry has credentials but lacked conviction, as evidenced by his ever-evolving platform throughout the contest. I wish him well in his private life.
Anthony Miller, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

All I know is that I'm proud to know that my state, the Great State of Illinois, is clearly going to Kerry (21 electoral votes) and we just the elected third African-American Senator since Reconstruction, who will probably be the first Black President one day (take in mind, I'm white) I did my part... I did all I could without violence.
Conor, Chicago, IL

I scooped up the pile and dumped it in the trash and then poured coffee all over them

AJ Warner, Edmond, Oklahoma

As I waited to vote this morning at my polling place in a Baptist church, I noticed a stack of "voter guides" that some people were picking up and reading. They were propaganda from the church, telling voters how God "expected" them to vote: against same-sex civil rights in Oklahoma, for candidates that would ban abortion, and for Bush as our God-anointed leader. It strongly implied that any vote other than Republican would be a vote against God's will. Having these guides in a polling place was clearly illegal.

I showed the precinct captain the guide and asked him to confirm that they were illegal in a polling place. He must have noticed them since many people were reading them and scattering them everywhere. He reluctantly agreed that they were illegal but made no effort to remove them. I scooped up the pile and dumped it in the trash and then poured coffee all over them - my act of civil protest at this outrageous attempt to intimidate voters.
AJ Warner, Edmond, Oklahoma, USA

I'm a little disappointed that my vote for John Kerry won't count in the presidential election due to Texas, the state I live in, going to Bush. I disagree with the electoral college system and believe that it should be abolished. Also, I don't actually support Kerry completely, but he seems more rational than Bush.
Andrew, Denton, Texas, USA

I am just glad that the elections are nearly over because I have been obsessed with the news of it. Like many in the world, I am really really hoping that Bush loses. His leadership has been disastrous for the world.
En Szee, Malaysia

Regardless of the outcome, the US will be a fractured, divided country

Joe, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regardless of the outcome of this election, the US will be a fractured, divided country. This outcome is the fault of the political parties. I held my nose when I voted and will hold my nose for the next four years. We are a divided country. Bush will divide us further if he is re-elected. God help us!
Joe, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

If Bush wins, get over it! You didn't like Reagan either, but his policies turned out to be right on dealing with the Soviet threat. Radical Islam is the new 21st century threat, and Bush understands the importance of winning this global war on terror. When will you Euro-appeasers understand there's no compromise with the terrorists?
Josh, Atlanta, GA, USA

Whether the world accepts it or not, the re-election of George W Bush will be the best thing that happened to the security of peaceful nations. I'm not trying to boast here, but just stating a fact. Many nations are dependent on the US military to maintain global order. When are people going to realise that terrorists are not honourable martyrs, but thugs and assassins?
Danny, Dallas, Texas, USA

It looks like Bush for another four years and then Hillary Clinton.
Mark Voice, Dunedin, New Zealand

I'm scared to death! I'm 19, and this is the first time that I was able to vote for president. I watched this same thing happen when I was 16 in 2000, and I was furious that I couldn't vote then. Now it's happening all over again, and I feel like I haven't done enough to get Bush out of office. I just don't understand how anyone could possibly want that man in office for another four years. Kerry should have won by a landslide, but alas...
Kati, San Francisco, USA

As a former member of the US military I can say that this election is very critical, perhaps more so than any I can recall. Unfortunately neither candidate is a stellar choice - both seem to have significant flaws and inconsistencies - however I must hope that John Kerry wins. At this point he is our only hope in repairing our international reputation and focusing on the real war on terror, which has nothing to do with Iraq.
Frank, New York, USA

I could have voted today and very much wish my voice was being heard

Susanna Luck, Los Angeles, USA

It's seven p.m. on the west coast and my husband and I are anxiously watching the outcome of today's voting. I am an ex-pat Brit and he is an American but we both are on the edge of our seats over this election. It is very hard for me to understand why so much of the country has already voted for such a dangerous man. Although I've lived here for 12 years and have a green card, I've never applied for my citizenship, largely because of my feelings about identifying as a Brit, but this election has decided me. I'm filing the application this week. I could have voted today and very much wish my voice was being heard.
Susanna Luck, Los Angeles, USA

I reported earlier this evening that lines to vote in my town were six hours long. I've just heard that the latest folks to vote were there for nine hours. Nine hours, and they didn't leave! What's that I hear? I think it's the recovering heartbeat of our democracy!
Emily Vaughn, Gambier, OH

At this point it looks as though Bush will win the election. If so, it is a sad day for the US and the world. It shows how PR targeted at ignorance, bigotry, and greed, combined with selective TV and news reporting, is a winning combination.
Anon, Vancouver, Canada

What does Kerry have to offer other than that he's not Bush? It disturbs me when people say that they voted for Kerry because he's not Bush. That's not enough for me.
Elsa, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

The President of the USA is on his way to complete victory. And, by the looks of things so far this evening, it really appears the 2000 election was almost stolen by Al Gore and the Democratic Party.
Sam, Ferndale, Michigan, USA

One election, so many voices and opinions

Richard, Hong Kong

One election, so many voices and opinions. It saddens me to see the impact George Bush has had on the image and popularity of America and Americans. If only the people back in the states can see the long term damage he has caused then maybe they would not take the approach of better the devil you know.
Richard, Hong Kong

Though I am unimpressed by the partisan shown in this election, the impressive voter turnout proves to be an unexpected resulting benefit. I hope this voter turnout inaugurates a new era in which Americans will enthusiastically go to the voting booths in future elections.
Ray, US

People insist that George Bush is a man who can get things done. Perhaps the people who say that should see the children starving here in Afghanistan first. I'd rather we'd done the job here first than wasted time, money, and lives for personal revenge in Iraq.
Alexandra, Bagram, Afghanistan

For many people in the US, both candidates seem impossible choices. However, I believe that to remain respectable in the eyes of the world, Bush must not win the race. Voter apathy due to lack of choices is not an acceptable option when the race is such a close one.
Allison, Charleston, USA

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