A Deadly Earthquake in Turkey

The numbers were all big, and all bad, and 
if this wasn't the big one, it was close enough. 
The earthquake that hit western Turkey on Tuesday 
morning at 3 a.m. local time weighed in at a heavy 
7.8 on the Richter scale, a number that placed it in the 
neighborhood of the big (7.9 magnitude) San Francisco 
quake of 1906. More than 1000 people are dead, a number 
that will undoubtedly go up

Inspecting the damage

Rescuers free a woman trapped in the postquake rubble

earth3.jpg (25785 bytes)
A young girl after the quake hit the city of Avcilar in western Turkey.

earth4.jpg (23605 bytes)
Two people were killed when this six-story 
building was flattened during the quake.

earth5.jpg (27164 bytes)
A mother feeds her baby in the street 
in the quake's chaotic aftermath.

earth6.jpg (23886 bytes)
The historic old walls around Istanbul came 
tumbling down even though the city is some 
65 miles from the quake's epicenter.

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