When is someone healthy?
When a person is healthy they are at the peak of well-being.
They are roughly the right weight for their height, 
take regular exercise and have a balanced diet.

Doctors say that people who try to be healthy 
should live longer than those that don't.

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People sometimes start smoking because they think 
it makes them look grown up and cool.

Because you know how much it can harm your body 
the grown up decision is not to smoke.

Smoking is expensive. 
It makes your hair, your clothes and your breath smell.

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If you're in your early teens or younger,
your body isn't fully grown and alcohol will affect
you more quickly than an adult.

It acts quickly, slowing your body down.
In small amounts this can make you feel more
relaxed but in large amounts it can be dangerous.

You may not be able to walk properly or speak clearly, 
but often you don't realise this.

You might feel sick, take stupid risks or lose control. 
If you're drunk you're a danger to yourself and to others.

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People often take drugs because
they like the effects they have on you.
But these effects can be dangerous.

Without drugs you are in charge of your body and mind. 
But drugs can alter the way the body or mind works
and people can feel less in control of themselves.
This can be both frightening and dangerous.

People sometimes take silly risks when they've taken drugs.
they may think that they can do things that
are unsafe or even impossible.

For example, people have died thinking that they could fly, 
or swim across a large river.

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Fast food
These foods should not be eaten too often, 
and when they are, only in small amounts.

They are loaded in calories, fat and sugar - 
but they do not contain many vitamins and minerals.

A massive one in five of the world's population
is classed as overweight.

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