“How much” or “How many”

1-There are three teachers in the room.
   How many teachers are there in the room?

2-There is a little salt in the kitchen.
How much salt is there in the kitchen?

3-I have got one brother.
   How many brothers have you got?

4-We have got four kilos of oranges.
   How many kilos of oranges have you got?

5-There is some fruit juice in the fridge.
   How much fruit juice is there in the fridge?

6-Ali has got two bottles of fruit juice.
   How many bottles of fruit juice has Ali got?

7-There is some soup in my bowl.
   How much soup is there in your bowl?

8-We have got some money.
   How much money have you got?

9- Simon has got a lot of books.
   How many books has Simin got?

10-There are sixty women at the party.
     How much money have you got?

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