The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

All people are born free.
All people are born equal and so have equal rights.
People can think for themselves
And understand what's going on around them.
Everyone should act as Brothers and Sisters.

It doesn't matter what race you are.
It doesn't matter whether You're a man or a woman.
It doesn't matter what language you speak,
what your religion is,
What your political opinions are,
What country you come from or who your family is.

It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor.
It doesn't matter what part of the World you come from;
whether your country is a kingdom or a republic.

These rights are freedoms are meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

1- Everyone has the right to live,  
    The right to be free and the right to personal safety.
    No one can be someone else's slave

2- No one is to be hurt or be punished in cruel or humiliating ways.
    The law must be the same for everyone.
    People have the right to be protected by the courts,
    So that their rights are respected.

3- People can not be arrested, or sent away from their country
    Unless it is for a very serious reason.
    Everyone has the right to a fair trial.
    No one has the right to interfere in other people's private lives,
    In their families, in their homes, or in their correspondence.
    People have the right of free movement within their country.
    People have the right to leave any country,
    Even their own, and then return.

4- No person or people shall have their nationality taken away from 
    This means everyone has the right to belong to a nation.
    And they also have the right to change their nationality,
    If they want to.
    All men and women have the right to get married and start a family
    Once they've reached a certain age.
    It doesn't matter what race, nationality or religion they are.
    A man or woman can only get married if they both want to.

5- Everyone has the right to own property.
    Anything that belongs to a person can not be taken away
    From him or her unless there is a fair reason.
    Everyone has the right to think the way they like.
    People have the right to hold opinions and tell 
    other people what their opinions are.
    And they have the right to practice their religion 
    in private or public.

6- All people have the right to meet together and 
    to form associations.
    But no one can be forced to join 
    An association if he or she doesn't want to.
    A government's authority comes from the will 
    of the people.
    People must show what they want their 
    government to do by voting.
    Everyone has the right to vote.

7- Everyone has the right to work.
    And people have the right to choose.
    The kind of job they want to do.
    Everyone has the right to good working conditions.
    Everyone has the right to equal pay for equal work.
    People should earn enough to keep themselves 
    and their families healthy, 
    to give them enough food to eat
    and enough clothes to wear, somewhere to live,
    and medical attention when they are ill.

8- Everyone has the right to rest.
    They should have a limited number of working hours
    And they should still be paid while they are on holiday.
    All children have the same rights, 
    Whether their parents are married or not.

9- Everyone has the right to go to school
    And school must be free.
    Everyone should have the right to be taught a trade.

10-People have duties towards the place where they live
    And towards other people who live there with them.
    Nothing that is written in this document may be used
    To justify taking away the rights and freedoms 
    Set out in this declaration.

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