11-a bird's-eye view                   : kuşbakışı
  We can get a good bird's-eye view of the village 
  from the top of that hill.

12-to let the cat out of the bag : bir sırrı açıklamak
 Bill and Jill's  marriage was to be a secret but Jill's 
 youngest sister let the cat out of the bag yesterday.

13-in the same boat : benzer durumda, aynı şartlar altında
 The earth is getting dirtier. The rich countries think that 
 they are in safe. But they are wrong.  
 We are all in the same boat.

14-to kill time              : zaman öldürmek, zaman geçirmek
 Kathy killed time by reading a magazine 
 while she was waiting for  London Train.

15-old hand   : deneyimli kişi
 Tom is an old hand at repairing cars.

-on the go : iş başında
 You can't see Bill now. He is on the go.

17-wolf in sheep's clothing  : kuzu postunda kurt, hilebaz, düzenbaz
 Although Willam behaved like a gentleman, he was a wolf in 
 sheep's clothing. 
18-Dutch treat                  : Alman usulü, herkes kendi hesabını ödüyor.
 They agreed to go Dutch treat on the dinner.

19-eat one's words          : özür dilemek, sözünü geri almak
 I had to eat my words when James turned up on time after all.

20-fool around                  : zaman harcamak
  Don't fool around. You must finish the work by 5 p.m. tomorrow.

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