21-white lie                     : masum yalan
  Robert told her sick wife a white lie not to make her unhappy.

22-all night long             : bütün gece
 They had to work hard all night long to finish the work.

23-bosom friend             : yakın arkadaş
 Ted and Denny have been bosom friends for many years.

24-chicken-hearted       : korkak
 Bill was chicken-hearted when he was young .

25-down and out             : sefil, yoksul
 We should help more to those who are down and out.

26-to feel like                  : canı istemek
 Do you feel like going to London next weekend.

27-fair and square          : dürüst, dobra
 John said to his son "You must be fair and square 
  with the people you work." 
28-in a body                     : birlikte
 Our friends arrived at the camp in a body yesterday.

29-to keep cool                : sakin kalmak
 The teacher said to the students "You should keep cool during 
 the entire discussion."

30-to lose one's shirt     : tüm parasını yitirmek

My uncle lost his shirt in the last economic crisis.
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