41-to be (go) black in the face : çok kızmak
  He went black in the face when his wife told him she had crashed his car.

42-not have a bean       : hiç parası olmamak
 I want to buy this shirt but I haven't a bean on me at the moment.

43-family tree                : soy ağacı
 Bill says that his family tree includes lots of noblemen.

44-one's daily bread     : nafaka, kazanç
 Suzy writes stories but her daily bread comes from teaching.

45-a piece of cake         : çok kolay birşey
 Regan won the race easily. It was a piece of cake.

46-a bad egg                   : dürüst olmayan kişi
 Tom is a bad egg so he was sent to the prison for many times.

47-in the soup                 : başı dertte olmak
did not do his homework yesterday, so he is in the soup today.
48-have no backbone    : zay
ıf karakterli
 Betty has no backbone; when you are in danger she leaves you..

49-a brain wave              : aniden gelen güzel fikir
 The marketing problem worried them for two weeks until Jack 
 got a brain wave and they solved it in two days.

50-well-heeled                 : zengin
  Although Jack is well-heeled he lives in a small house .

My ears are burning. Somebody is talking about me.
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