51-population explosion : nüfus patlaması
  There was a big population explosion in our country.

52-slip of tongue             : dil sürçmesi
  I am so sorry Jack. I didn't mean to say that. 
  It was a slip of the tongue.

53-man/woman of the world : engin tecrübeli, çok tecrübeli
 Betty's uncle is really a man of his word.

54-man/woman of his/her word : sözünün eri
 We can rely on Mr. Hill. He is a man of his word.

55-the man/woman in the street : sokaktaki insan, vatandaş
 The man in the street is against the new tax.

56-white elephant          : lüzumsuz şeyler, gereksiz şeyler, ıvır zıvır
 Most of the houses are full of white elephants.

57-short cut                    : kestirme yol
 The Little Red Riding Hood went on the main road but the Wolf took
  the short cut.
58-green belt                  : yeşil kuşak
 It is banned to built factories and offices in the green belt around most
 of the European cities.

59-capital punishment  : ölüm cezası
 Capital punishment was abolished in Turkey last year.

60-flat battery                : boşalmış akü, boşalm
ış pily ears are burning. Somebody is talking about me.
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