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                                What is the internet?
     If you are reading this, you are already on the internet!
                     The internet is basically a network of millions
                         of computers linked by telephone lines.

                    It brings together people, homes, schools and
                              businesses around the world.

              The original internet was set up in 1969 for the US Army
                     as a way of protecting their computer system.

             If one set of computers was destroyed, the internet meant
         that they could keep going by using computers in other locations.

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                                    Is the web different to the internet?
                  The world wide web (www) is one part of the internet.

                   It's the network of web pages, stored on computers
                  around the world, which makes the internet a fun and
                                    interesting place to explore.

                      It's based on a programming language called html
                  (invented by Englishman Tim Berners-Lee) which allows
                   pictures and text to be displayed on computer screens.

                  It also allow 'hyperlinks', which are the bits you click on
                 to take you to different pages and other related websites.

                                       This is 'surfing the web'.

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                                           What can the internet tell us?
         You can find out about anything and everything on the internet.

                You can play games, find out the latest news stories
                 or read about films, sport or your favourite popstars.

                 You can also search for information on anything you
                                  like using search engines.
      Some of the popular ones are Yahoo!, Google and Ask Jeeves for Kids.

                    If you want to find out more about life on Mars,
                 you type in 'Where can I find out about life on Mars?'
               and Jeeves will give you a list of websites to choose from.

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                                              What about e-mail?
                      E-mail is another part of the net - which allows you to
               exchange messages using this network of linked computers.

                  You can talk to your friends or penpals on the internet
                                  if you have an e-mail address.

                    Two of the most popular places to get a free e-mail
              address are sites like Yahoo and Hotmail. If you don't have a
         computer at home, you can email from school or from internet cafes.

                           And you can email us at

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                                                   Is the internet safe?
                  The internet is great fun and can be useful for
                          picking up bits of gossip to tell your mates.

                          You can also shop on the internet and buy
                          books and clothes which are only available
                                 in other countries, like the USA.

             But you have to be careful too. Just remember a few things:
                       -Never tell anyone your full name and address
                              -Never tell anyone your passwords
                    -If you get an e-mail that worries you in any way,
                        tell your mum, dad or teacher straight away

     -If someone asks questions that worry you, tell your parents or teacher.

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