Which of the descriptions below has the BEST (most usual) adjective order?

1-The old man had ......................in his room.
a) an old big radio                     b) a radio big old
c) a radio old big                       d) a big old radio

2-Suzzy has this ____________; it's so uncomfortable and ugly!
a) modern red car                    b) car red modern
c) car modern red                    d) red modern car

a) Sue has a baby ugly fat.       b) Sue has a fat ugly baby.
c) Sue has an ugly fat baby.      d) Sue has a baby fat ugly.

4-Which of the following is NOT correct?
a) A short fat boy                    b) A slim tall model
c) A tiny chubby girl                 d) A tall thin man

5-According to tradition an French bride should wear something 
old, new, blue & borrowed, but how does the expression go?

a) Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new            
b) Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue  
c) Something new, something old, something blue, something borrowed          
d) Something old, something borrowed, something new, something blue

6-When my friend went to Rome he brought me back this beautiful __________.
a) leather Italian bag                 b) bag leather Italian
c) Italian leather bag
                 d) bag Italian leather

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