Choose the best answer

1-In American English it's an 'elevator'.
In British English it's a
a) lift                                     b) joist
c) escalator                            d) hoist

2-In British English it's a pavement. In American it's a...
a) sidewalk                             b) sidewinder
c) side order                           d) side saddle

3-At a bus stop, the British form a queue. Americans
a) make a queue.                    b) form a file.
c) stand in line.                       d) stand at line.

4-The American term 'slugfest' comes from German and means
a) Whipped cream on top of coffee                    
b) A boxing match with a lot of punching

c) A place where parties happen                 
d) A lot of slugs get together in the garden

5-A new play opened in the local theatre last week. It bombed.'
a) The cast is too large to fit on the stage            
b) The cast is so small it's not worth seeing
c) It has been a tremendous failure  

d) It has been a tremendous success

6-The American term 'adobe' refers to
a) a sun dried brick                   b) a sun drenched plateau
c) a sun dried tomato                d) a style of outdoor painting

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