Choose the best answer

1-What was the _______ of inflation in Turkey last year?
a) level                                  b) rate
c) amount                              d) height

2-I have no ______ what the meeting is about.

a) idea                                  b) thought
c) hope                                 d) imagination

3-Bill drove around for ages but couldn't find a car ________.
a) place                                 b) garage
c) park
                                           d) parking

4-To get drugs from the chemist or pharmacy, you need a _______.
a) receipt                               b) prescription
c) bill                                     d) recipe

5-A: Do you like my new trousers? They were only £15.00
   B: Wow! That's cheap, what a _

a) profit                                 b) win
c) deal                                   d) bargain  

6-I got a great _______ on my old car, I got £500 in part-exchange.
a) value                                 b) bargain
c) deal                                   d) business

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