Choose the best answer

1-You ______ vote until you're 18 in Turkey.
a-can't       b-mustn't       c-needn't       d-don't have to        

2-You _______ eat and drink in class.
a-mustn't       b-must       c-have to       d-don't have to

3-My teacher made me _______ smoking?
      b-stopped         c-to stop          d-stop 

4-You're late! You __________ here 2 hours ago.
a-should have been                   b-should had been
c-should be 
                              d-shoulded have been

5-When I was a boy, I _______ be in bed by 8 o'clock.
a-have to         b-must            c-had to             d-has to

6-Jack's father didn't let him _______ football in the street.
a-playing          b-play               c-to play          d-playing

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