Choose the best answer

1-In Germany fewer people go to _____ church on Sunday than ever before.
a-an                         b-a                       c- -(no article)       d-the

2-Have you ever stayed in _____ expensive hotel?
a-a                      b-an                    c-the                     d- -(no article)

3-It is said _____ university education would help the studens get a better
   job in the future.

a-a                     b--(no article)       c-an                        d-the

4-What is ____ longest river of Turkey?
a--(no article)        b-an                       c-a                           d-the

5-They say _____ police should be armed (carry guns) in England?
an                       b-a                       c-the                    d--(no article)

6-Jane likes shopping on ____ Istiklal Street.
a--(no article)        b-the                    c-an                     d-a

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