QUIZ 7        

Near Future  Tense "be going to"

Choose the best answer

1-My father and I ............... to Ankara tonight.        
a-am going to go                             b-am going to     
c-are go to going                              
     d-are going to go    

2-....... your sister ........ to the party?                         
a-Is/ going to come                               b-Are/going to go       
c-Is/going to wash                          d-Is/type                 

3-What......we........ for dinner tonight? 
b-are/going to cook
c-are/going to eating                       d-are/going to       

4-Are you going to do your homework or sleep?             
a-I am going to my homework.           b-I am do my homework.
c-No, I am going to sleep.                    
d-I am going to sleep.

5-Where is George going to go this summer?               
a-He going to go Alanya.                       b-He is not going to go anywhere.
c-He is going to going London.        
d-He went to Kapadokya.

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