Kashmiris in exile
A Kashmiri girl whose parents fled their village in Indian-held Kashmir 
studies in a refugee camp near Muzaffarabad, capital 
of Pakistan-held Kashmir, on July 3. About 18,000 Kashmiris 
have migrated to Pakistani Kashmir over the past decade, 
accusing Indian forces of committing atrocities.
Sımplıfied of the news
A Kashmiri girl and her parents left their village in Kashmir.
They are in a refugee camp now. They came to the camp on July 3.
The camp is near Muzaffarad.
18,000 Kashmiris have migrated to Pakistani Kashmir.


New Words

exile      : sürgün
Kashmiri : Keşmirli
parents  : anne baba
to leave -left - left   : ayrılmak, terk etmek
refugee camp        : mülteci kampı
migrate               : göç etmek

Some questions about the photo:
Where is this girl?
Where is she from?
Where is Kashmir?
What is a refugee camp? 
Where is the refugee camp?
How many Kashmiris have come to Pakistani Kashmir? 
Why did they come there?

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