Drought victims  
Children being treated for malnutrition sleep in a hospital 
in Jocotan,  Guatemala, Sept. 3. 
A severe drought in Central America has caused 41 people, 
including  13 children, to die of starvation in Guatemala this year.
Sımplıfied of the news
The children are in a hospital. They are sleeping.
The hospital is in Jocotan. Jocotan is a city.
It is in Guatemala. Guatemala is in Central America.
There is no rain in Central America in these days.
The poor people can not find food. They are hungry.
41 people died because they did not eat food. 
13 children did not find food and they died.


New Words

: hastane
to sleep       
: uyumak
: şehir
: yağmur
in these days 
: bu günlerde
: fakir
to find         
: bulmak
: aç
to die        
: ölmek
: yiyecek

Some questions about the picture:

How many children can you see in this picture?
What are they doing?
Where are there, why?
Where are their parents?
How many people died, why?
How many children died?
When did they die? 
Where is Guatemala?
What is there in Guatemala?
Is Guatemala a rich or poor country?

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