Is breakfast at school a good idea?

Cbbc, Updated 13 December 2003

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day.

Now politicians have voted to give primary school kids in Wales free breakfasts to help make them concentrate and work hard in class.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Would you want to eat breakfast when you get into school in the morning, or are you happy munching (kıtır kıtır, hapur hupur yemek) your cornflakes at home?

Perhaps your school already gives you breakfast and you think more schools should do the same.

Whatever you think, let us know.

I think it is a good idea because if you are in a rush you can always have a little bite to eat.
Jennifer, 12, Glasgow

I think schools should have breakfast at school because some kids don't have time to eat it at home.
Karina, 11, Slough

A lot of children like me live far from their school and wake up really early in the morning and still don't get breakfast so I think it's a good idea.
Sara-Eve, 12, London

I think it's a brilliant idea to have breakfast at school - it gives all children a good chance to have a nutritious (besleyici) breakfast.
Natasha, 9, Sevenoaks

I think breakfast in school is a great idea, especially if it's free because it gives loads of kids who normally skip it a chance to do better at school. I really believe that breakfast makes you work better.
Anna, 12, Lincoln

No one in our school gets to school that early! The buses are always late and people who walk get up later so they get to school the same time as us - 9 or later!
Amy, 13,Pontypridd

It's a good idea, but it would only be good if it worked. It probably wouldn't stop kids skipping breakfast (kahvaltı etmemek) though!
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

I think that it is a stupid idea because it will cost too much money and kids in primary 4 and over should be able to get their own breakfast.
Colton, 11, Stornoway

We already have this. It is a great idea, especially if you live far away from your school and don't have time in the morning.
Alastair, 11, Nottingham

Yes and no because some kids prefer to eat at home but some parents go to work early so their children have to eat at school.
Eleanor, 7, Rochester

I think it's a good idea for children to have breakfast in school because most people miss out on it and it's the most important meal of the day.
Rachael, 13, Scotland

My school has done breakfast for years. You pay 30p and you can get toast, yoghurt, pancakes, orange juice, tea or coffee and all the stuff's delicious. I think it is a good idea.
Margaret, 13, Belfast

I think it's a really good idea. Our school already gives us the chance to have breakfast, ours aren't free, but some kids at my school have to be up at six to get to school on time so they don't have time to have brekkie at home.
Imogen, 11, Wolverhampton

I think it's a good idea because I hear a lot of people saying,"I haven't had any breakfast" and they seem really tired - and it would save you time.
Sophie, 11, Gosport

I think it's a good idea. I don't eat breakfast because I don't like anything so if they have a variety of stuff then it would be good.
Jenny, 14, Bristol

I don't think it is a good idea, it means the kitchen staff have to go to work earlier than before, and they may have kids like my mum does!Ryan, 14, Southampton

My school have already started selling breakfast on Tuesday mornings. I think it is good because you have a choice whether you want breakfast at school or not.
Claire, 11, Dartford

In the mornings I hardly have any time to get breakfast and I think it would be easier for me to get my breakfast at school.
Karen, 14, Belfast

Our school already offers a breakfast at break, but it isn't free. It's quite a popular choice with most people!
Andy, 12, Wirral

I think it is a good idea. I don't have time to eat breakfast in the morning so I would like to eat something when I get into school.

Claire, 11, Bristol

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