What annoys you in the cinema?

cbbc, updated 10 December 2002

Imagine: you've queued for hours to get a ticket to see the Two Towers, and finally, you're in the cinema.

The lights go down, the trailers and adverts are over, and the film starts.

Suddenly, some idiot starts a 20-minute converstation on their mobile! In New York this is becoming such a big problem that they are considering fining people who do it.

What hacks you off in the cinema? People talking, crunching popcorn, phones? Email us in and let us know your movie maddeners!


That's why I go to a "NO NOISE" cinema!
Sophie, 10, France

I hate those people who take laser pointers in - IT ISN'T FUNNY!
Dave, 14, Telford

It's soooooo annoying when people are talking about the film behind you if they've seen it already!?!
Lizzie, 13, Monmouth

I hate it when people rustle sweets and blow bubbles through the straws in their drinks! It's so irritating!!
Megan, 15, South Wales

I hate people who tell you what's going to happen- JUST DON'T OK.
Dean, 13, Worksop

I h8 wen ders lil boys hu r bout 10 n makin loadsa noise tryin 2 act all ard wen dey jus look stupid!
Greta, 13, Grays

I hate people when they are opening a bag of crisps in the cinima. It distracts everyone else.
Ashleigh, 13, Jarrow

I really hate people who laugh at things that are not even funny, it's so stupid.
Sam, 10, Alfreton

I think the cinema is horrible, the floors all sticky and the seats teared and tampered with!
Ciaran, 12, Slough

I hate it when people kick the back of your chair and talk and giggle all the way through!
Caroline, 13, Southampton

I hate it when people kick the back of your chair. If you turn around and glare at them, they do it even more!
Charlotte, 13, Manchester

What really annoys me the most is when I'm sitting down and suddenly this big headed guy comes and sits in front of me!
Sharon, 10, London

I hate it when young children in a group go in on their own. They muck about and dont shut up, the worst is when they throw popcorn at you.
Laura, 13, Kirby

When I went to see the Chamber of Secrets some idiots whistled for about an hour before someone came and did something about it!
Danielle, 14, Liverpool

I hate when kids start talking when the film comes to one of its high points, that really makes me just want to scream ' SHUT UP'.
John, 12, Liverpool

The people who go to the cinema with you and then when something happens, they say, "ooh, did you see that?" No, moron, I paid £4 to come and look at the ceiling!
Jess, 14, Bristol

I ABSOLUTELY hate it when a giant comes and sits in front of me and blocks my view of the screen. It really spoils a film not being able to see it.
Allie, 15, Springfield

When someone really tall or someone with massive hair sits in front of you even when they can sit anywhere else and you can't see!!!!

Cassie, 16, Warwickshire

I hate the people that talk and kick my seat all the way through the film. I mean if you go to the cinema it should be to see the film, not talk.
Judith, 14, Edinburgh

I find mobile phones really annoying in the cinema and people should not even have them on and that really annoys me so much.
Karen, 16, Wokingham

I hate it when people come into the film late and block your view trying to get to their seats, because you can't see- why can't they show up on time!!
Jen, 14, Farnborough

People crunching popcorn so loud that you can't hear the film itself especially when the best bits come on. It's so irratiting. People should have some manners.
Sara, 16, Newcastle

I hate those people who go to the toilet during the film, and usually at a very important part! There is so little leg room, its hard for them to get past! It gets soo annoying!
Larka, 13, Chester

I may be a fuss pot but three things annoy me in a cinema. People eating loudly, people coming into the film late and blocking our view and people going to the toilet in the middle of the film.
Emily, 10, Wickford

I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with a few of my friends and a women's mobile phone went off and these lads in front were talking the whole way through.
Kelly, 13, Liverpool

This might sound really stupid but I'm a vegetarian and the smell of meat makes me heave. The people that eat meat in the cinema right next to me, and cough and splutter do my head in.
Kylz, 16, swansea

I really hate it when people have big plastic bags and they keep making a horrible noise, it is really annoying. And teens play on the moblies and they always go off in the film and that is when steam starts coming out from your ears!!
Katie, 12, Swansea

I hate it when you finally get to see a film you've been dying to see for ages and the people behind uyo coment on everything or give the whole storyline away. Or when some 10-year-old boys try to sound really cool by saying stuff like "That's sweet" about a gun! WHO CARES???
Jen, 13, Oxford

I hate people who sit right at the edge of the seats and then moan at you for trying to get to seats right in the centre. Also last time I went to the cinema I had to pay £1.40 for a bottle of water!! And it didn't even taste good. Everything is so overpriced!
Pete, 14, Olney

I hate it when you get people in the cinema, who think they are really cool and chat loudly and leave the cinema screen like 10 times then come back in and are always giggling and throwing popcorn and stuff. We pay to watch the film, not to put up with this annoyance.

Reister, 14, Staines

What I hate is when people leave their popcorn pots lying about, spill drinks on the floor and make it all sticky and put chewing gum wherever they want to. I hate the rubbish all around the cinema because it makes it very unpleasant. They should put all their rubbish in the bin, why can't they understand??!!! It just really annoys me!!
Linda, 13, Leeds

It annoys me when the trailers are on. I can't see why they put a car commercial on when it is on every day. Also, it is selfish when big blokes come and sit in front of the kids and when people kick the chairs and go to the loo without even being kind by slipping out another way. Also, people laugh when I want to hear the good line, eg, "Harry, what happened in the dungeon is a secret, so naturally, the whole school knows" snigger, laugh and you don't hear Harry asking what happened.

Natasha, 11, Essex

It really gets on my nerves when kids start mucking about and throwing popcorn at each other and shouting. Some people actually want to see the film, not listen to a bunch of immature kids making a real idiot of themselves. If they didn't want to see the film then why did they come? Also, I really hate it when someone's mobile rings even after the message comes up on the screen, telling you to turn it off. And what makes that worse is that fact that the mobile you hear always has a really cheesy ringtones - like The Simpsons. But, there is one habit that I think I am guilty of (so I can't really complain!) and that is propping my legs up on the seat in front (but I never do it when there is somebody in the seat - I'm not that mean!)!
Julie, 14, Manchester

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