US election results - are you interested?

Cbbc, 3 November 2003

Millions of Americans have turned out to vote for the person they want to be the next president.

The result hasn't been confirmed yet, but it looks likely that George Bush will be re-elected.

But how interested are you in what's going on?

Do you think the final result is important or is something that affects you?

Or can you not see what all the fuss is about?

I think it's really important, even if I'm English. America's decisions make such a great impact upon the rest of the world. And it makes even more difference to my brother because he's an American citizen. Victoria, 15, UK

How can we not see it? It is everywhere and is really annoying. I hope Bush does not win the election because he caused the war in Iraq and we didn't need to go to war.

Beth, 13, Wales

I don't care what happens. It's complicated and just unimportant to me. I do other things in my life...

Hannan, 13, Newcastle

I utterly hate bush! he's a bad leader and makes all the totally wrong decisions. I'm very disappointed that its very likely that he's won. he's a bad leader and John Kerry shows a lot more hope for a better world if he leads America. Of course it not my business but the decisions Tony Blair and George Bush make can in future damage our lives!

Helen, 12, Isle of Wight

Hopefully it will encourage people in this country to take more interest in politics here. Britain and USA are close allies so I think it is important for Brits to take interest.
Clare, 14, Essex

I think that the US elections are blown out of proportion. Even though it is the most important job in the world, it is silly.

Laura, 11, Bristol

I am soooo interested in who wins....I mean the US president's decisions effect the whole world cause they have soo much power....too much power!
Nicky, 15, Surrey

Most people in the UK want Kerry to win just because they dislike Bush, but do they really know what's going on and do they know what kind of man Kerry is? I've thought of it, and I want Bush to win because he's a stronger and better leader.
Adam, 15, Bristol

Although I know it is important, I'm not interested.

Peter, 10, Newport

Of course I am interested because whoever is made president will effect this country one way or another. Tony Blair has a special relationship with Bush but it would affect him if John Kerry was president
Aisha, 13, Telford

I'm interested, I'm fascinated by American Politics!!

Claire, 15, Loughborough

I don't get what all the fuss is about, and the way the Americans cheer over the smallest sign of a 'better' America really makes me sick.
Jamie, 15, Rotherham

I think it's important that Americans do take a big interest. I was encouraged to become politically interested from a very young age and in our school we had our own mini elections and got to do speeches on who we wanted to win and why.

Darleane, 14, Florida

Nope, uninteresting.

Gina, 11, Bristol

I couldn't really care less. I'm not that bothered...

Louise, 14, Surrey

I am really interested! I'm supporting John Kerry and think he's the right man for the job. We had a debate about it in our class and no one likes Bush, but they don't know why except me! I talked about oil, jobs Iraq and how bush spend 3 trillion dollars to vandalise a country. I just wish people will just stop idolising Bush.
Norwin, 10, Nottingham

I don't think it's very important to us- we're not American, but who ever becomes president decides what happens to Iraq and stuff, I would like Bush to win because we already know what he's like.

Kirstie, 10, Hastings

I'm not really bothered because it's not the country I live in so I'm not that interested.

Katie, 13, London

I don't understand how the American voting system works. I think it would be a lot fairer if they just counted up all the votes and the one with the most votes wins. Much simpler!

Betty, 15

I am so interest I can't stop talking about it! It's very important!
Charlotte, 10, Leicester

I think the elections are incredibly important to us. We are allies to America so it will always be important to us in Britain..

Ayesha, 14, Birmingham

Coming from the US I think it's very important to know what's going on and being a part of the decision. President Bush changed our schools, invaded Iraq for apparently no reason, shipped our jobs oversees, so many people I know are unemployed...etc. That's why it's so important to let your opinion be heard!!!
Addie, 15, USA

I don't really think it's important because I think too much attention has been given to it and I don't think the USA would really care when it came to our elections.

Rachel, 15, London

I think that whoever is president nothing will change and the war on Iraq will continue

Danielle, 15, Newport

Yes we think that it's important because whatever happens over there affects the world and policy in Iraq. Go Kerry!! Bush out!!

Ani & Sarah, 16, Milton Keynes

I think George W. Bush is not a good leader and I think this will cause many problems for the rest of the world.

Billy, 12, Newport

I know it's not my country but I still think it's important, especially after what's happened in Iraq.

Adam, 13, Cumbria

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