How would you make lessons more fun?

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cbbc,Updated 17 June 2004

 A year seven class at a school in Essex have been putting their sums to songs!
Their maths teacher has his pupils singing and dancing to try and make classes more entertaining and help them learn.
We all know maths can be dull - but is this taking things a bit far?
What would YOU do to make lessons more fun?
How about acting out scenes from Shakespeare in your English class?
Or using a time-machine in your history lesson?!

I don't think singing and dancing would work - most people would be too embarrassed and not do it.
Caroline, 12, Tadley

I would try to include activities and games to make us learn more quickly and more fun.
Leona, 11, Macduff

I think Maths would be fun to music, but I can't sing at all... I'd be playing the triangle in the corner.
Harry, 16, Surrey

I would just like classes on computers, because they are easy to use and quicker than handwriting.
Michael, 13, Ramsgate

Singing to maths almost seems pointless (anlamsız) after a while because not all kids like to sing. Games would be better, like competitive games.
Spencer, 12, USA

Dancing would be embarrassing. Why not introduce (ortaya koymak) rewards? A cake for every correct answer. All of a sudden maths would be the best subject in school!
Matthew, 14, London

Maths is a lovely subject and singing and dancing would completely ruin it. I personally think that once you start taking an interest in this subject you'll find that it's not dull at all.
Hermione, 14, London

I know maths classes can be boring but singing and dancing in them is a bit too enthusiastic (şevkli, hararetli). I would be dreading the classes instead of enjoying them.
Hannah, 13, Guest Editor

I think teachers ruin lessons. Some of them are horrible and too strict, so lessons become boring and people will hate them. Maybe if teachers were nicer or funnier it would help.
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

I think Maths is very boring, and singing and dancing isn't the best way to make you learn, it would be humiliating (küçük düşürücü, utandırıcı) and very long and boring. I think that games, quizzes, role play etc. would be really enjoyable.
Andrew, 13, Lisburn

I used to find RE very boring until we got a new teacher, who made it interesting because he is dead on and very easy to get along with, we also do different activities and thanks to him I'm doing really well in RE!
Karen. 15, Belfast

I really do not see how this would benefit maths knowledge. For a start, how do you mix Music and Maths together? Also, what is the point anyway? I don't know at other schools, but my school is pretty good at maths. Stupid idea really.

Andy, 12, London

I think maths is dull and boring and if we did dancing in it I think I would dread
(çok korkmak, korku ve endişe duymak) it. I think we should be able to use computers or something similar to make maths more fun.
Lauren, 14, Wakefield

Invent new ones. Things like geography, history etc are so boring. Maybe a lesson in LIFE would be good which would involve learning about how to succeed. Or one about health and diets, where you learn exactly what to eat and set targets for yourself. Or inventions, the whole point being start racking your brains and thinking about the future!

Joe, 13, Brighouse

In my maths classes we play games on the smartboard. (a big screen which shows what's happening on the computer) And these games make you think really quickly, so you get better and better at answering certain questions quickly in your head. It's really fun, but also quite challenging, and a lot better than singing and dancing, what if you're bad at both? How humiliating!
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

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