Do you believe in Horoscope?

Cbbc, Updated 18 September 2004

A new survey has found that more young people believe in horoscopes.

So are you hooked to your star sign, or do you think it's a load of made-up rubbish?

Maybe you have to check your horoscope before you make a big decision about something?

I believe in horoscopes 100%! Loads of my horoscopes have come true! My horoscope said "A great success today" and I got top marks in my SATs! Spooky or what?!
Kirsty, 14, Neath

I kinda believe in characteristics of my horoscope but if everyone of that horoscope was like that, everyone would be the same and that's not possible. But the things about what's going to happen to you and stuff ain't true in my mind because it's hardly going to happen. Mainly it's all guess work and stuff like that. Sometimes when they do come true it's because people read their horoscope beforehand and when it comes to that day that something is going to happen, that person believes it so much that they try hard to make it happen without realising it.

Shelly, 13, London

Horoscopes sometimes come true, but that's just a coincidence, but most of the time nothing happens! I can relate to my starsign very well, but horoscopes are just rubbish.
Naomi, 12, Ewell

I really have a mixture. Sometimes I believe them, sometimes I don't. I normally look at my friends' horoscope and read them out of a mag.
Sophie, 11, Newport

Horoscopes are just stuff that would happen to anyone anyway. None of it is a real prediction!

Damaris, 12, Sidmouth

Horoscopes are just a load of old rubbish. It's strange how people believe in them.

Charlotte, 9, Knutsford

I believe in them and always look at mine, my friends' and my family's but some are completely fake. And I'm not a Christian so I don't read the Bible.

Katy, 13, London

Yeah totally! As I am an Aries, I read my column on day and it said that I would have a great success. The next day I got my exam marks back and they were really good!

Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I think horoscopes are a load of rubbish and if I ever look at them it never happens. I would sometimes like my horoscope to come true but that is only a dream. It may be a coincidence that it happens, but they are made up, they are all different in different mags.

Jenny, 10, Burrington

They aren't true but people enjoy reading them. I think that we don't take much notice unless they sound good! They're just designed to make you feel positive and to keep you buying the magazine to find out what will happen to you.

Emily, 12, Surrey

Although horoscopes are sometimes true mostly I think they aren't. I think it's guess-work only, though I enjoy reading what they say.
Maha, 13, Islamabad

I love astrology if I meet someone I don't ask their star sign I get to know them first then when I find out the star sign it nearly always fits their personality.

Rhian, 12, Wales

I don't really believe in horoscopes. It's just when I'm looking through a magazine and I read through my horoscope I can sometimes relate to what its saying, which is kinda freaky. It feels like someone knows what's going on in your life.

MK, Stoke

I believe in dem and always turn 2 da horoscope page first in a mag coz there usually true. It sometimes depends on the age limit of da mag, but der true m8.

Sophie, 11, Kent

I read my horoscope, but I don't believe them. It's just a bit of fun, really, isn't it?

Sophie, 14, London

It's insane. How can stars millions of miles away determine what you do. That's something only you can do. Nothing else.

Joanne, 15, London

I have all the characteristics of my star sign, but not everything I read in my horoscopes is always true, but sometimes it's spooky!

Bibi, 12, Stoke

I don't believe in them at all! They're a load of rubbish, and I can't believe people think they can tell us what's gonna happen! It makes me laugh!

Ruby, Sevenoaks

I half believe in horoscopes because sometimes they come true but then other times they don't. When I read the description of my sign I can relate to it, but then the things that are supposed to happen don't. I would like my horoscopes to come true because they always sound pretty good.

Smithy, 12, Belfast

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