What would your ideal city be like?

Cbbc, 18 September 2004

A city's been built in Holland which is only for people who are over 50 years old - so no kids allowed!

We want to know what your ideal city would be like.

Maybe you'd want to ban Harry Potter books if you're not a fan?

Or maybe you'd only allow schools to be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

opening quoteIn my city the following things would be banned: Busted, Mc Fly and those really boring bands like Travis that make you fall asleep. Oo yeh I forgot. NO SCHOOL!!!!! And everybody would be super popular so no one could get picked on:-)!!!closing quote
Anoushka, 12, Rotheram

opening quoteI'd love it if the Sugababes and Gareth Gates lived in my city! The buildings would change colour all the time - in fact, everything (except living things) would!closing quote
Samantha, 12

opening quoteMy ideal city would be like Hollywood it would so be glamorous.closing quote
Betsy, 11, Derby

opening quoteMy ideal city would be everyone had a friend and a limo and had anything they wanted - and then for S CLUB 7 to get a band again!closing quote
Rhiannon, 9, North Yorkshire

opening quoteMy ideal town would be full of Mary-Kate and Ashley things cos I'm a huge fan! Also the cinemas would only show Mary-Kate and Ashley films! School would be normal because we need an education and there would be more youth clubs for teenagers to stop them drinking and smoking!closing quote
Leona, 11

opening quoteMy ideal city would have no cruelty and everyone could have their own opinions and they would be able to listen to whatever they wanted.closing quote
Katy, 13, Nottinghamshire

opening quoteThere would be jungles planted about the place, and a walkway between the trees. Any teenage gangs causing trouble would be fed to the tigers! Excellent.closing quote
Matt, 13, Harpenden

opening quoteIn my ideal city I would ban people who hate McFly and Busted. There would be a free concert every week with top stars performing and there would be no school.closing quote
Becki, 12, Leeds

opening quoteI'd make my city so that everyone would have to be kind and polite, there would be no violence, all rock bands, Britney Spears and J Lo songs would be banned but Busted would be allowed. There would be school but it would start at 10am and end at 2pm and there would be no school on Friday. Also Me and Orlando Bloom would be married and rule over the city together.closing quote
Sarah, 12, Hertfordshire

opening quoteMy ideal city would have lots of skyscrapers there and it would be free of graffiti, violence and definitely litter and the floor will be spotless, with no bubblegum crushed into the pavement!!closing quote
Maxine, 13, West Mids

opening quoteI would ban the following: Busted, Mcfly, Dick and Dom, Basil Brush, and so on and so forth. However, the Rasmus, and other rock bands would play all the time. Pink would also be banned.closing quote
Iz, 14, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI would open schools on Wednesday-Friday and it would begin at 11am and end at 2pm.I would also have a massive shopping centre and make bus fares free.closing quote
Michelle, 13, Huddersfield

opening quoteIn my ideal city no one would live on the streets. Everyone would live in HUGE mansions! The weather would be great and nothing would be expensive! Oh, and I would ban Busted or any other group that sound like them!!!! And of course I would be married to Orlando Bloom!!closing quote
Catherine, 13, Dublin

opening quoteI'd ban killing animals and I would have the world chocolate centre where you could eat chocolate all day for free, and a zoo with a panda, not much to ask!closing quote
Sid, 11, Tenterden

opening quoteOh gosh I could never live without potter!! But the thing I'd like to ban is the part when Tom from McFly sings in his songs HE CAN NOT SING! I'd also have a you-must-read-Harry-Potter book rule and a you-must-put-all-rock up loud!!!closing quote
Kavita, 13, London

opening quoteIn my ideal city I ban clothes shops that sell clothes for only skinny people!closing quote
Sophie, 13, Wigan

opening quoteMy city would have it all. Loads of cool sports facilities, cinemas and theatres, and of course loads of music shops, but(like Andrew) they wouldn't sell Busted stuff because they'd be banned. I'd also have a whole street reserved for clothes and shoe(especially boots)shops. I'd have a huge outdoor arena playing The Rasmus, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne and Anastacia none stop so that all the city can constantly listen to their music! closing quote
Hayley, 15, Northumberland

opening quoteI would like to live in a city with no cars. people would be able to ride donkeys and goats anywhere they want like the country people do. closing quote
Jake, 15, London

opening quoteMy city would be rock music every day and school would only be open one day a week. And guitars would only be at least 1 or 2 quid!!! No pop would be allowed.closing quote
Theo, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteMy ideal city would have no pollution and if people wanted to get around they would have to walk or cycle. And no litter either!closing quote
Zara, 14, Hackney

opening quoteIn my ideal town there would be no cars at all ! there would be a free concert every Friday and Saturday, and no people over twenty would be allowed!closing quote
Chelsea, 13, London

opening quoteIn my ideal city I'd ban Busted songs and have a slow lane on the pavement for people who walk too slowly!closing quote
Andrew, 12, Blackburn

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