How much junk food is too much?

Cbbc, Updated 7 September 2003

There's a new film out about a man who lives on fast food every day for a month - and sees his health suffer as a result.
So have you ever eaten so much junk food it's made you ill?
Do you think that it's bad to eat it all the time, but in moderation it's fine?
Or do you think there's no such thing as too much junk food?!
However much junk food you eat, e-mail and let us know!

I like food like burgers and chips, but I know it's fattening. My mum put me on a diet because I weigh 15 stone.

Craig, 14, Stamford

Any amount of junk food is too much. I love chocolate and so I can talk but even the smallest bit of junk food a day can make you unhealthy you are only meant to have one fast food meal a month and try to limit the amount of sweets ,crisps etc... So I say when you notice the signs of eating too much junk food STOP!!

Louise, 15, Glasgow

I love junk food! But I know it's bad for you and try to eat some healthy food which I like... even though I'd much prefer McDonalds.

Amber, 11, Shrewsbury

I know not to have too much junk food, but I'm one of those people who eat when they're depressed. I know some people who don't have breakfast, and at lunch they just eat chips and sweets. It's quite disgusting to watch

Juliette, 13, Cardiff

I eat junk food but then I feel guilty as I sit and watch TV, so I run on the spot. If you go to a fast food place like, three times a week and not eat anything healthy in-between or exercise, then that is just plain silly.

Eleanor, 11, Milton Keynes

I hardly ever eat junk food, because my mum and dad don't allow me to go most of the time. We only go to somewhere like McDonalds as a special treat, and it hasn't affected me at all!
Sarah, 11, Shropshire

I love junk food, but I get too carried away. I eat so much I feel ill. I just get carried away!! So I don't think it's very good to have too much, but allowing yourself a little a day is fine.

Sally, 15, Surrey

I think eating junk food like take-aways every day is a bit too much but eating chocolate every day isn't going to kill you.

Jenny, 15, Bristol

I met a girl once who told me her mum took her to McDonalds on a weekly basis, sometimes twice a week. That's just too much, junk should be a treat and nothing else
Megan, 11, Isle of Wight

I love junk food but don't eat much of it 'cuz it's unhealthy! I go to McDonalds every Saturday though...

Jess, 14, Leicester

It's ok if you eat it rarely, I'd say once a week max. But you can't eat too much, as you'll get fat and really unfit. So I think junk food's ok in small amounts, but not in huge great big chunks

Kate, 13, Aylesbury

I don't eat junk food. It's so bad for you and it makes you feel gross anyway

Emma, 13, London

Junk food's fine but just don't eat it too often, I think that people should take responsibility for what they eat because we all know what it does to us, it's up to us now

Richard, 14, London

Junk food is fattening and not good for you. I try not to eat it and am fully behind healthy eating

Natalie, 14, Prestwich

Junk food is bad for you full stop. Eating so much everyday is seriously bad for your health. A couple of times a week should be enough, everyday is just bad for you

Chrissy, 14, Pontefract

Healthy food is as nice as junk food

Alexander, 10, Wells

They do the salads more expensive then burgers, this encourages kids to choose the burger as it is much cheaper.

Emma, 15, Cumbria

You should never eat too much junk food. I think the film is giving out a good message. I probably eat McDonalds once every 2 months.

Maisie, 10, Southampton

I don't go to McDonalds anymore because I'm a vegetarian and I can't stand Quorn, a lot of my classmates go at least 5 times a week.

Zoe, 10, Trowbridge

It's ok sometimes I suppose but don't eat too much, 'coz it's fattening and not good for you

Michael, 13, London

I like eating junk food but I don't eat too much because I'll get chubby and the food will damage my insides

Sukhjinder, 11, Hayes

Junk food is fattening, but people can't blame all their weight problems on it. I don't personally like it that much, but I could eat it about once a week maximum.

Helen, 12, Christchurch

I used to think that skipping breakfast and lunch meant that I could snack in between. The snacks I ate were usually very high in fat and sugar: crisps, packets of biscuits and chocolate bars were all part of my daily intake. Now I know that it's stupid
Emily, 12, Middlesbrough

I like eating junk food but it always gives me a stomach ache so I try not to eat it very often.

Santanu, 12, Coventry

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