Are you worried about mobile masts?

Parents are fighting to stop a mobile phone mast from being erected near three schools in Harrogate because they think it's a health risk.

So are you worried about mobile phone masts, because some people think they give out harmful radiation?

Do you think that mobile phones and masts are potentially damaging to your health?

Perhaps you try to limit the amount of time you spend on your phone as a result...

Or does it not worry you at all?
Write in and let us know.

Your Comments.

I go to St. Roberts which is one of the schools where the masts are being put up and everyone is worried about the children's health.
Isabelle, 10, Harrogate

In my school we have a phone mast on the roof and now they wish to upgrade it as well. I think it's terrible because there are lots of people around all the time and it could be even worse for health. I don't see why they can't just leave it like it is, we don't need it anyway.
Jessica, 14, London

WE have just finished fighting for three phone masts to be put up in our village, one at the bottom of our road. As far as I know, they won't be built. But I know how long a process it is..
Vicky, 13, Gillingham

I think that parents are completely right to stop it being constructed. It is very unhealthy.
Kitty, 10, Birmingham

I got a new phone for my birthday but I never use it because I'm scared it might damage my health.
Daniel, 11, Hertfordshire

I don't worry about things like that. If you worried about every little thing you would never go out.
Rosie, 14, Didcot

Mobile phones were fine when they were just used to send texts and ring people - they're really handy for that. But now makers are just getting really carried away - I mean, mobile phone masts - HELLO?!
Kate, 12, Sunbury

Many of the people complaining are hypocrites, as although they do not want the masts they continue to use mobile phones. If you don't want a mast near you then don't use a mobile phone!! Also the people who say they feel ill because of the masts may feel ill for other reasons and just blame it on the masts because of the bad publicity they have had.
Kayleigh, 14, Newcastle

I did a project on mobile phones and their risks at school and I believe that, although there has been no certain evidence of their link with health problems, that people should try to limit the time they spend on them and be careful. They give out radiation and all radiation can heat up cells which is a worrying thing!
Kirsty, 14, Bolton

I don't think that even the experts actually know enough to say it's a health risk!
Annie, 14, Hartlepool

I don't think they should put more masts up because they can be dangerous and there are too many.
Samantha, 9, Hull

We don't think they should erect the phone mast because if there was an emergency someone might really need to call. We aren't really that worried about it, but we don't think you should use your phone much just in case.
Hyagunda & Nagasaki, 12, London

I don't see why we need so many of them. How are we meant to know if they are safe if they don't explain?
Emma, 12, Leasowe

I don't use my phone very much and there aren't really any masts near where I live so I don't see what the fuss is about.
Emily, 11, Falkirk

I mainly contact my friends using texts, now I'm going to use my house phone more if mobile phone masts are going to affect our health and spoil the environment.
Emily, 12, Burnley

We don't know enough about the technology of mobile phone masts to ensure that we are safe. As far as I'm concerned mobile phone masts should be discontinued until they are 100% sure that they can do no harm.
Cecily, 11, Bristol

Although mobiles can be harmful they are very useful.
Louis, 12, Morpeth

Nah! If they were harmful, then we wouldn't use them, people who make the mobiles could get sued for any permanent damage!
Sophie, 13, Bidford

I think that 3G phone masts are a bad idea. They give off radio waves which are bad for the public. My school is only 65 metres away from a building which has between 20 and 30 masts on it. The year 2 classrooms are nearest to it. When I was in year 2 I had lots of really bad headaches. If people knew about the dangers they wouldn't use 3G phones.
Dominic, 9, Whitton

I didn't even know it was harmful which just goes to show we need to learn more about health.
Becky, 10, Oswestry

I worry that we don't know enough about how they could hurt our health.
Samuel, 11, Barnsley

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