National Poetry Day

Updated 11 October 2002

It's National Poetry Day, it's time to party,
So send us two lines, but don't be a smartie!
Send us two great lines that rhyme,

We'll update this page from time to time.

Everyone who posts here is a really bad poet,
But it is rather obvious (açık, belli, aşikar) that Newsround doesn't know it.
Catherine, 13

Mates (arkadaşlar) are good mates are fine,
Especially (özellikle) when you've got ones like mine.
Louise, 16, Belfast

Man Utd are the best team of all,
All other teams compared to (..ile kıyaslamak; mukayese etm.) them are small.
Joel, 12, High Wycombe

Today I did a jig (cig dansı) ,
and I danced it with a pig!
Gracie, 9, Edinburgh

Who can make me smile when I'm sad?
It's my funny and bouncy (canlı, hareketli) and happy dad!
Christine, 14, Lake Bluff, USA

Race (yarış) and religion (din) don't matter at all,
If YOU agreed (kabul etmek) the world's problems would be small
Rosie, 13, Exeter

Harry Potter is the best,
I can't wait to read the rest (kalan, kalanı) !
Sara, 14, London

The wonderful (harikulade) thing about darkness is that it seems to soak (ıslak) ,
The world all around in its majestic (şahane, muhteşem) cloak.
Rosie, 14, Manchester

The bad thing about being a queen (kraliçe) with a crown (taç) ,
Is that when you bowed (başını eğmek) your head it would fall down!
Lydia, 12, Edinburgh

There's Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles,
But Spike is the best by miles!
Suzanne, 14, Essex

As the night draws near, across the land.
I grasp (sıkıca tutmak) my teddy by his hand.
Samantha, 12, Birmingham

Thank you Newsround, for printing my poem,
People said you wouldn't but now I've showed 'em!
Emma, 13, Livingston

Oh I love Rupert Grint,
I will give him my last mint (nane)!
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

A Halloween vampire needed to quench (susuzluğu gidermek) his thirst,
So he went blood sucking (emmek) on the thirty first.
Jen, 15, Sunderland

Just 78 days more to go,
Can't you guess (tahmin etmek) , it's nearly Crimbo!
Lucy, 11, Liverpool

Only a few more weeks to handle (vermek) ,
Till Undertaker (mezarcı) beats Kurt Angle
Rosie, 11, Manchester

An old man asked me for the time,
I said I would have to stop here because I can't find anyting to rhyme!
Wait a minute....
Saara, High Wycombe

When I asked my fat dog if he'd please go on a diet,
He said "Eating's exercise for the jaws, so do be quiet!"
Emma, 13, Livingston

Watford are my favourite team,
"Come on Watford!" we all scream (bağırmak, çığlık atmak).
Will, 8, Watford

"Two star-crossed lovers take their life . . .",
Romeo and Juliet is full of such strife (kavga, çatışma) !
Jasmine, 14, Earlsoham

I'm supposed to write a two lined poem,
But it'll finish without anyone knowing!
Sophie, 10, France

When I write to Newsround I don't usually rhyme,
But since it's National Poetry Day, I think it's right about time.
Brid, 13, Dublin

I go to a place mostly everyday called school,
I'm really bored (sıkılmak) , teachers should make it cool.
Lateisha, Huddersfield

Newsround used to be informative (bilgilendirici, aydınlatıcı) and fun,
Now it's just become one huge pun (sözcük oyunu, cinas) .
Matthew, Tamworth

I can't wait for the new Potter movie,
'Cos Daniel Radcliffe is really groovy!

I once was a bird flying in the sky,
But now I'm a bird sitting in a pie.
Charlotte, 13, Stevenage

The jokes on Newsround are so lame (topal, eksik) ,
But I still watch it all the same!
Anita, 13, Leicester

Liverpool football club, we love you.
Everyone else we hate, Mostly Man. U!
Lucy, 10, Liverpool

Oh woe!
I love Newsround so.
Claire, 10, Merton Park

Prince William has to be my fave lad (delikanlı) ,
But Charlie from Busted ain't all that bad!
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

Don¿t worry I'm not a smartie.
I am just a little tarty (aksi, ters) ! :)
Alice, 13, Mkt Harborough

Becks, Ruud, Giggs and Scholes
Rach, 13, Birmingham

I believe in Santa, yes I do,
One thing to ask, WHY DON'T YOU?!
Trinni, 14, Seattle, USA

If we didn't judge people by their race,
The world would be a better place!
Steph, 14, Manchester

We raised money at school by talking in rhyme,
For Children In Need we rhymed all the time!
Becca, 14, Broxbourne

I was looking on the web one day and this is what I found
A fantastic website, also known as NEWSROUND.
Shelly, 13, London

It's about two months to Christmas and that's so cool!
Everyone knows it CHRISTMAS RULES!!!
Laura, 13, Southampton

By confusing (şaşırmak, kafası karışmak) everyone with my poetic line,
My insanities (delilk, cinnetlik) will ensure (sağlamak) that the world becomes MINE!
Elanor, 14, London

Just 35 more days to wait! "What for?" I hear you scream...(çığlık atmak)
For Harry fighting you-know-who - up there on the screen!

Satish, 12, Kent

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