What should happen to naughty school kids?

Cbbc, Updated 11 December 2004

Kids who are expelled from school are losing out on an education according to school inspectors.

But what do you think should be done with naughty school kids?

Does being expelled mean they are rewarded, by getting to watch TV or play football all day?

Or do you think kids who are expelled would prefer to be back at school?

How many chances should naughty kids be given before being expelled?

And should they be allowed back at school?

Whatever you think, e-mail and let us know.

Your Comments

I think kids who get expelled love missing school at first, but then get bored and miss their friends and school.
Hannah, 15, Reading

What kind of punishment is missing school? It might even encourage kids who are unhappy at school to be bad. Milly, 13, London

I think that all the naughty children should be put into a special school to help them learn how to calm down. Children should go to school even if they are naughty and not letting them into a school is not doing their education any good.
Jodie, 12, Burnley

I think kids who are naughty shouldn't get expelled, cos it's giving in to them. They don't want to be in school, and teachers are letting them out, while everyone who works well and behave go unrewarded.
Emily, 11, Thirsk

There is no point trying to get expelled kids back in to class. We have lots of people like that at my school and they just get in to more problems and disrupt our lessons. There should be a place for expelled kids to learn, but to be honest, most of them don't want to learn anyway.
Amy, 13, Coventry

Being expelled means you can watch TV and play games all day, which is a reward. I think there should be a different school specially for expelled pupils because although they have been naughty it doesn't mean they have to lose out on education!
Laurel, 14, Birkhill

They should sort their problems and stop causing trouble, it doesn't help anyone, least of all them.
Claudine, 15, Wiltshire

I think they should be given all the work to do at home until they find a new school.
Louise, 15, Mansfield

I know quite a few people who have been expelled form school and they've often just given up on their education altogether. I think expulsion should be the last action to be taken against a pupil. Pupils who are expelled should be found a new school as soon as possible or be given a tutor.
Jay, 15, Belfast

It's not fair on the kids who want to work and do well if other kids mess about, they think they're being cool but they're actually being immature. I think they should only get one chance and that's it or everyone will fall behind.
Saz, 12, Herts

I think expelled kids should get other chances. In Leicester they just put you in another school. (Last chance basically). Also suspending kids for dumb reasons such as failure to do homework is stupid. If it disrupts the class work they're doing in THAT class then why suspend them and disrupt all their other class work?
Sian, 13, Leicester

They should be expelled because it affects the good kids.
Ellie, 10, Ashford

I don't really see expulsion as a punishment, if the child is being naughty at school they obviously don't like it there, so banning them from school? What crazy person thought up that idea? I don't have a clue what they are supposed to do though, that is why there are clever Governments to think up better ideas than banning someone from school!!
Becky, 10, Oswestry

In our school, detention's the worst you get most of the time. I don't know of anyone who's been expelled or even suspended. But then I don't think anyone's deserved to be either.
Louise, 14, Surrey

We're too soft with kids these days. Naughty kids are usually the ones who hate school and being expelled is a treat and they don't really care.
David, 13, Cardiff

I think naughty kids should not be expelled but to be put into a special school for as long as they need to TRY to change their ways and learn how to behave in a normal working environment also I think that they should receive counselling.
Danielle, 13, Liverpool

I think most kids who are unruly tend to come from disadvantaged homes. As a result the child will look for attention which it will get by being unruly. What the solution to this problem is, I don't really know but I think I think these kids are a disruption to other pupils and this cannot be allowed to happen.
Chris, 13, Newbridge

I think that if a kid is expelled, they should receive counselling on 'how to become a better pupil'. During that time, they should also be receiving some kind of education i.e. maths, english. Then school life may commence peacefully, although they might be better off in a different school.
Gilly, 12, Harrow

There should be a special place for expelled kids.
Neil, 10, Winchfield

I think they should let this girl back into the school as she will not be learning and will get bored, so she will lose out if she is not allowed back to school.
Natalie, 15, Farnborough

I have been expelled loads of times and I really didn't think that it helps. I got really bored and didn't learn anything. I think they should find another form of punishment.
Hollie, 15, Ascot

I think it's a good idea. I was excluded for a week last year and learnt my lesson.
Alex, 13, Cove

I don't think expulsion is enough. I think that they get bored and it doesn't help.
Paul, 15, Fleet

I think it's a really good idea to expel people - as it will teach them not to be naughty.
Trevor, 11, Surrey

I think that there should be another way of punishment. Expelling people doesn't teach them anything.
Simon, 12, Edinburgh

I think that everything they value should be taken away from them. That will teach 'em
Jade, 10, Thornton Heath

I think naughty kids should be sent to a temporary army based school until they sort themselves out.
Becca, 13, Carlisle

They should go to special schools where they can learn with kids like themselves instead of spoiling it for the rest of us. But they shouldn't misbehave in the first place, they should take some responsibility for their own education.
Rachel, 14, Notts

I think kids who are expelled should be set homework so that they don't waste time or fall behind.
Berry, 13, Bury

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