Can your computer be your pal?

CBBC. Updated 26 February 2004

A new survey has found that almost half of children think of their computer as a friend.

One in five kids say that they prefer spending time on their computer than with their pals and 40% admit to talking to their PC.

So how close are you to your computer? or your mobile? Or your PlayStation?

Would you be lost without it or is it just a piece of technology?

Mate or machine - e-mail and let us know what you think!

I really like my computer because it helps me with homework and getting news from Newsround of course. I do that everyday and I also chat with my mates. I do talk to my computer when it freezes and get really angry at it but sometimes when I shout it works!!
Rayka, 12, London

I love my iBook so much and I spend a LOT of time on the internet! :-)
Claire, 15, Loughborough

It's not a friend, it's a way of talking to mates! I don't talk to my computer...
Lou, 13, Essex

I love my computer, I have no friends so it is my best friend ever.Rebecca, 14, Stoke on Trent

I talk to my computer all the time! Apart from me, it's the most interesting person I know!
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

Computers can't be your friends, they're inanimate objects with no personality! However they are fun to use and I do admit I talk to it if it's being too slow!
Natalie, 15, Lincoln

How can you be best friends with a lump of plastic and components? How crazy is that!
Phoebe, 14, New York

I hate my computer 'coz it is so annoying and keeps freezing. I love my mobile and my game boy and my TV but I only like my comp coz I can go on Newsround!
Holly, 12, Pewsy

I can sometimes and I like going on the internet. Computers are just amazing. But it can be half my pal. Sometimes things can be slow on mine. But I will like it if it really talked.
Jennifer, 9, Forres

Of course it's not - my PC is only a machine (that is very slow) but my best friend is a living being and we can share secrets.
Tanya, 12, Cardiff

I love spending time on my computer and do get angry when it doesn't work properly and I have to admit do complain away to it! I couldn't live without it - although I do also love my mobile, ps2 and digital

Ryan, 14, Enniskillen

The only time I ever talk to my computer is when it refuses to turn off or does something I don't want it to!
Katy, 12, Nottinghamshire

I admit to talking to my computer when it freezes or something like that (oh why are you doing this to me, erg, that sort of thing) but my computer isn't a great mate or anything.
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

My computer is my best mate - no way could I live with out it.
Cazzie, 11, York

Well you're a bit sad if you see a pile of circuits and wires as your friend. If you do you need to get a real friend.
Katy, 11, Stockton-on-Tees

I think that is kind of sad really. Calling your computer a friend. It would be good for it to be real - like have a personality.
Rebecca, 14, Birmingham

What a silly thing to say! I mean computers don't live do they? The advice is programmed so it isn't real. If people have computers as a friend they are loners!! Besides, I use mine to play games, chat and type basically not to go to the cinema with!
Elycia, 12, Stevenage

I'm always on my computer. I love it soo much!! But the computer can't cheer me up when I'm sad or be like my best friend!!!!
Natalie, 14, Wales
I can't live without my laptop!
Sam, 10, Leicester

I only talk to my computer if I am feeling lonely or upset

Amy, 14, Biggin Hill

A computer can't be a friend- it's a piece of metal!
Sally, 16, Liverpool

Your computer can't support you through tough times - that's what no machine will ever be able to do.
Katie,, 13, Shrewsbury

Well I don't consider the machine as a friend but I use it a lot to chat to other people.

Hannah, 14, Dublin

My computer is my best friend. I could not live without it. I talk to it and ask it for advice. I love my computer.
Adam, 10, New York

I only shout at the computer if it doesn't work or is being really slow. My mobile is probably more my best friend than my PC.
Angela, 13, Bristol

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