Who's your sports star of 2004?

Cbbc, Updated 13 December 2003

Kelly Homes has won the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year award

It's certainly been a god year for her, after she also won two gold medals at the Olympics in Athens.
But is she your star of the year?
Perhaps you think Amir Khan, Wayne Rooney or Matthew Pinsett deserved it for their performances this year...
Or that Tim Henman or Andy Flintoff should have taken it for having good seasons in their sports.

Your Comments

I think Amir khan should win. He's so young and has won a silver medal. It's so amazing, he is only 17!
Mehreen, 13, UK

It's got to be Kelly Holmes. She amazed me when she won her gold medals at the Olympics.
Becky, 13, Chelmsford

Paula Radcliff. Even if she didn't even finish the marathon, she didn't do what most people would've done and retired from running. She was really brave.
Alice, 13, London

I think that there are a lot of talented sports personalities out there and it's not fair if someone like Kelly Homes wins because she has already had enough attention!
Ellie, 12, Derbyshire

I believe that it should have been Amir Khan as he was so young and to reach silver in his first Olympics is a great achievement.
Amrha, 15, Birmingham

All the athletes are a huge inspiration to many people, but to me Kelly Holmes is at the top, what an achievement she has earned for our country.
Lorna, 15, Matlock

I think that Amir Khan should win, he was only 17 and he won a medal at the Olympic games. That deserves some mega recognition!
Rosie, 15, Didcot

My sports star of 2004 has got to be Amir Khan because he is simply the best!!!
Noreen, 14, Birmingham

I reckon either Wayne Rooney or Amir Khan deserve to win as they are both amazing people and have succeeded in what they want to do.
Becki, 13, Boston

Kelly Holmes, all the way. An inspiration to young people everywhere.
Regina, 14, London

It's got to be Kelly Holmes - after everything that's happened to her with injuries and just pure bad luck, to go and win two golds in her last Olympics is amazing!
Julia, 14, Belfast

Kelly Holmes should win because it takes an amazing athlete to win two Olympic gold medals. She rules!
Tim, 11, Hurstpierpoint

Kelly Holmes or Paula Radcliffe should win. Both amazing people with great courage!
Helen, 12, York

I think Jonny Wilkinson should win as rugby players don't get as much publicity as footballers.
Elliott, 12, Cheshire

I think Kelly Holmes should win. She's a fantastic sportswoman and a great idol for people who love athletics! Go Kelly!!!
Hannah, 12, Hailsham

I think Wayne Rooney should win. He did so well in the Euro 2004. If he hadn't hurt himself I think we could have won. It would have helped if we didn't have such a stupid ref.
Joanna, 15, York

I think Kelly Holmes will win, not just because of her triumphs, but her running with injuries because her career was haunted by them. Matthew Pinsett could win the award, as he won his fourth consecutive gold medal in Athens.
Matthew, 14, Manchester

Amir Khan is the best!!
Tim, 15, Leeds

Paula Radcliffe for being so brave and coming back so strong after her disappointment in Athens.
Cat, 14, Wales

I think Kelly Holmes should win because she is mega talented! She didn't prepare to do the 800m, but did for the 1,500m! Look what happened! WON both of them!
Aimee, 12, Hampshire

I think that Matthew Pinsett should win or Kelly Holmes because both have tried very hard to win and make us happy, which they did.
Sabeeta, 12, Bradford

I think Amir Khan. He brought it home for Great Britain!
Aysha, 12, Chester

I think that Wayne Rooney will win because he is the best footballer ever.
Emily, 14, Kent

I think that Kelly Holmes will win because she is really good
Alice, 14, Kent

I don't really care who wins, as long as it's not Kelly Holmes, Wayne Rooney or David Beckham! If I had to choose, I'd say Matthew Pinsett.
Naomi, 15, West Yorkshire

I think Kelly will win, but I'd rather Andy Flintoff did. He was brilliant this summer!

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