Have you been affected by UK storm weather?

Cbbc, Updated 8 January 2005

Loads of people in the UK have been hit by flooding on Saturday as high winds and heavy rain continue to lash the country.

Homes have been affected in parts of Wales, Scotland and northern England, with some houses evacuated.

It's so bad in Carlisle in Cumbria that the city is completely cut off with no safe routes in or out.

Have you been affected by the weather this weekend?

Your Comments

It was really quiet during the night but now it's starting to get windy. A ferry has been blown onto the beach quite near here.
Fi, 14, Kilmarnock

We haven't had floods or anything like that, but the wind here is so strong! It woke me up last night, and I didn't get back to sleep for another 2 hours coz it was so loud against my window. And I was kinda worried that the tiles would blow off the roof like they did last year!
Kate, 14, Aylesbury

The wind in Wiltshire was really strong! They blew our guinea pig hutch over at 2 O'clock in the Morning! Which woke up half of Highworth! lol
Jenny, 13, Highworth

Our fence blew down, now next doors 2 dogs can get into our garden and chase our 2 cats.
Emma, 10, Bicester

We got off really lightly considering that we live next door to a river, The River Ehen. Ther river is just over its rim, a tree fell in our garden and the wind blew the glass out of both our greenhouses!
Victoria, 14, Cumbria

Our fence has blown down, tiles from our roof have blown off and branches from trees litter the pavements.
Kate, 13, Newcastle

The water level is so high. We can't get out of the city. (well safely anyway) I hope it's not this bad else like it is here!
Jenny, 12, Carlisle

Today we couldn't get out of our back gate which is the only way out for us. We had to call our neighbour to unblock it for us!
Eleanor, 11, Wirral

My school was closed yesterday and we have to stay indoors.
Alice, 13, Carlisle

I live near Carlisle and my mum could not get to work.
Lauren, 11, Gretna

It is cold and windy here. The weather has been very wet for days. Stephanie, 7, Glasgow

The winds have been really bad up here. We've spent all this morning picking up the tiles that have blown off our roof!

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