What are your school toilets like?

Are they are good condition?
Do they make you feel ill after spending a penny?
Or are they in such a bad way you'd rather sit cross-legged in class and wait till you get home?

What would you do to make your bogs better?

Ours are fine.
Anabel, 13, Torgelow

Too small and they stink!
Mark, 11, Stevenage

They pong!
Will, 15, Kent

Our toilets are a disgrace, they smell a lot

Ollie, 13, Kent

Pretty bad, I'd rather wait till I get home!
Bee, 13, Shropshire

Two words - THEY STINK!!
Chloe, 13, Ilkeston

Our loos are fine, as they are nice and clean and are quite pretty!
Rachel, 11, Belgium

Our loos smell, we've got no mirror and the locks are useless!
James, 10, Verwood

The toilets smell and all the doors are broken, so you have no privacy!
James, 11

Our school has cameras in our toilets near the main door to stop vandalism.
Hannah, 15, Warrington

The loos are totally scanky. People smoke so they smell and throw toilet paper on the ceiling.
Louisa, 14, Hastings

Our toilets have urine all over the floor and have no toilet rolls - it's disgusting!
Dale, 13, Thurso

The county should pay for school toilets to be cleaned - no one else is!
Carmi, 11, Swansea

Our school toilets are a mess - there are rats and flies in them!
Catriona, 14, Belfast

You have to be mad to use our loos. They stink of weed and ciggies, and that's if they are open.
Oggy, 15, Birmingham

They are awful!! There is only one toilet with a lock on it and by lunch time there is no toilet paper!Sophie, 13, London

Our school toilets never have any soap, and bullies hang out there!
James, 11, Wokingham

They are horrible and they have graffiti all over some of them!!!! I always wait till I get home 2 go 2 the loo.
Vicki, 11, Glasgow

Ours have toilet paper all over the roof and they stink!
Yvette, 11, Halifax

They are o.k. Except everyone smokes in them, so they stink! I avoid them!
Steph, 14, Warsash

The locks don't work, there is only one toilet that flushes and we don't have mirrors
Charlotte, 9, Liverpool

Our school toilets are fine, because they have just been refurbished. How long will it last though?
Helen, 13, Belfast

My school toilets aren't very clean at ALL! The doors don't lock and some don't even close. I really wish we had new ones.
Natasha, 12, Ballygowan

Our school toilets are pretty clean but sometimes the locks don't work so you have to practically lift up the door to be able to lock them. Overall, they're OK!
Zofia, 10, Manchester

Our bogs are ungodly. They stink, and someone blew up a can of bleach and it knocked the door off one of the cubicles!
Tim, 13, Leeds

The toilets are minging and are make us sick. They are not clean at the end of the day. There is no paper - you have to ask for some.
Jordan and Ryan, 11, Cardiff

Our loos are gross! They stink of cigarettes and the doors won't lock! The toilets are filthy and there's never any tissue.
Mai, 14, Blackpool

Our toilets are disgusting. Most of the time they don't have toilet paper. They also don't have the toilets cleaned properly.
Tania, 9, London

My toilets stink and have writing everywhere, cigarette burns on everything and the locks don't work - I hate it!
Sam, 11, Berkshire

Our toilet locks don't work so we have to get our friends to hold the doors, and our loos are always flooded
Catarina, 12, Hastings

In our toilets we are not allowed toilet paper because people are really silly by wetting it and then throwing it on the ceiling and then it sticks there!
Ben, 12, Crawley

Our toilets are ok I suppose - they have an air-freshener. They're not as bad as the one on the picture but they are quite bad!
Kate and Amelia, 10, Stretford

My toilets are so bad that they could win the award for the worst toilet in the world. You honestly should come over to do a report!
Zainab, Brighton

People throw wet paper up on the ceiling and our teachers refuse to clean them unless we stop making a mess1
Lauren, 11, Newcastle

The toilets at my school are horrible, the locks don't work and people eat and drink and smoke in the toilets.
Claire, 14, Maidstone

At my scool people sometimes throw tissue paper around and stick it to the walls. In one cubicle a toilet seat has come off the loo.
Ameilia, 9, London

In our toilets, no one likes to go into them because they reek, and we don't know the boyz from the girlz!! All I have to say is eeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!
Lauren, 11, Anahilt

Our bogs are ungodly. They stink, and someone blew up a can of bleach and it knocked the door off one of the cubicles!
Tim, 13, Leeds

My toilets stink!! There's never any toilet paper and one of them hasn't got a lock!! The kids muck them up and they don't get cleaned up till the evening.
Isabel, 11, Windsor

Our toilets at school are disgusting. There's loo paper everywhere and nobody bothers to flush them. The toilet seat usually has wee on it.
Jessica, 11, Wiltshire

Toilets have graffiti all over the cubicles and walls and at breaks and lunch times there is the smell of smoke from pupils' cigarettes.
Adele, 14, Edinburgh

I really don't like the toilets at my school they are dirty and always have something yucky inside. Do people not know what a flush is?
Mairi, 12, Horley

People smoke in our toilets. There are fights, and the walls are graffitied on. The school toilets are closed during class time. They are horrible.
Elizabeth, 15, Musselburgh

Our school toilets are awful, they reek, they have been graffitied all over, everyone smokes in there, the taps don't work, there's no toilet paper, and the list goes on
Tom, 12, Rochdale

The toilets in my school are in very bad condition. There are often smokers and drug abusers. Something must be done about this situation, and fast!
Matt, 14, Liphook

There's lots of writing on the walls and some of the loos leak from the bottom and when flushed the water sprays out onto you - so you have to move back.
Becky, 14, Shrewsbury

Our toilets are nicely painted but there never seems to be any loo roll and when there is it's like sand paper! Me and my friends end up taking tissues to school to replace it!
Emma, 13, Middlesbrough

Our school loos are terrible. They were re-decorated in September but they are now worse than they were before. There are no locks, toilet seats or soap. One toilet doesn't even have a door.
Cathy, 13, Cardiff

The toilets at my school are ok, but at my old school they STANK! They were never cleaned and the doors were so low down you could see over them as you sat down!
Laura, 12, Aylesbury

Ours are clean at least...the doors work fine..they don't smell...but I still prefer to not to go in, I don't see the point of "Hanging Out in the loos" and why do the girls always go to the toilet in troupes?

Mike, 12, Whitley Bay

Our loos are ok most of the time but the boys 1's r awful. But the girls 1's r good and they have ppl in them 2 make sure ur well behaved in them. So our's r quite good
Hannah, 13, Aberystwyth

Our loos are locked and we have to ask for the key to go. It's so degrading. Sometimes the key is missing or on the other site! It's a health risk because you can't go when you need to. We are sick of it!

Amy, 14, Retford

At the moment our toilets are o.k as they have just been re-decorated, but I bet it won't be long till they are disgusting! In our old loos everyone smokes - it's horrible! You come out reeking of smoke and people think you're the one smoking!!!

Sara, 13, Bedfordshire

Our toilets are disgusting, they smell awful, there are always smokers in there. Although they are cleaned at night they become unacceptable very quickly. Most people avoid using them. If I go in them (which is very rarely) the soap is dirty.
Tom, 12, Sutton Coldfield

Our toilets are usually clean but then they get vandalized! And also the locks don't work on the doors! That's why I never use them, I wait until I get home (We call them bathrooms here in the US, you call them loos? and spending a penny? That's not worth much over here :) hehehehe)
Amethyst, 13, USA

There has always been a funny smell, I just can't tell what it is. Some kids smoke in our toilets which actually makes them smell better than usual, because they really stink
Richard, 13, Telford

The school loos are really dirty, with loo paper everywhere and people have written all over the doors and then the soap things never work. One of the loos is so bad that we had ants in it, 100s of them all over the floor. Yuck!
Michelle, 16, York

Our toilets are very clean. There is always plenty of bog roll and all of the locks work. And they have the same amount of bogs for boys and girls (cos in my last school, there were loads more bogs for girls). Stephen, 16, Ormskirk

Our loos are OK, but if you go there at lunch, you'll just find loads of girls hanging out. They treat it like a meeting place because it's private (kind of!) and they are clean and don't smell. The old toilets don't get used much cos they are quite manky, but the new refurbished ones are fine.
Rachel, 12, Wimbledon

Our school loos are an absolute disgrace. They stink, they don't flush properly, there's never any toilet roll, and the taps don't work, so we can't wash our hands. It's really unfair, cos our lockers are right beside them, and we have to put up with the horrible smell every day.
Katie, 13, Belfast

The older kids think that it's a good place to smoke, and they're always being vandalised. They've been flooded enough times and there's graffiti everywhere. They are really horrible and I would rather wait till I get home to go to the loo.
Laura, 13, Hertfordshire

The loos at our school are awful! You have to get toilet roll from one, take it into another toilet that has a flush, and get a mate to hold the door for you! If you can find a toilet with a lock, it'll probably be the only one in the school!
Fiona, 12, Didcot

My school toilets are so revolting and disgusting because there is graffiti all over the toilets, they don't have locks, no toilets are flushed and there are no toilet seats so you can't go to the toilet properly - yuk!
Scott, 13, Aberdare

I am in a wheelchair and there are only three disabled toilets in the school all in the same area so I have to go across the school to get to them. The normal toilets are always locked so everyone uses the ones in our area and it gets very crowded. Pamela, 13, Wolverhampton

There is tissue stuck to the ceiling, the seats are grubby, the walls are really scabby and most of all the flushes are leaking - They're a total health risk. I only use them when I'm really really desperate. Gemma, 15, Gloucester

I think school toilets are gross and dirty and I will never sit on one even if somebody paid me.
Warren, 10, Birmingham
The locks on our loos don't work!
Sam, 14, Leeds

Cigarettes, toilet paper on the ceiling, in the sinks, which are overflowing coz people leave the taps on. And the stench is HORRIBLE! It's the most disgusting thing that has ever been inhaled. You do NOT want to go to my school's loos!
Hannah, 12, Pangbourne

Our toilets are minging and that's the only way to describe them!! There are no locks on the doors, you can't flush some of them cos they are all clogged up with you know what!!! I wish they would change!
Lauren, 12, Newcastle

My school loos are grim! Half the time there isn't any loo roll and if there is it's like tracing paper! Whereas if you manage to sneak into the teacher's toilets (in an emergency) they've got really nice paper, which the school supplies! It's unfair.
Kelly, 13, Cwmbran

The loos are okay at my school. The school recently spent £5,000 to refurbish them last year, which was a major improvement, but they're still not looked after. The thing that annoys me is that there is never any soap in the dispensers.
Kimberly, 16, Gloucester

Our school toilets couldn't be any worse! They don't lock, they don't flush, they don't have seats, some of them have holes in the side so the floor floods and there is graffiti all over everything!
Sarah, 13, Lancashire
Our loos are OK but the locks don't work either.
Kristine, 11, Oswestry

I NEVER go in the toilets at my school because they stink of wee and smoke. There is no toilet paper because people put it all over the floor. There are rude messages and threats. And LOADS of people smoke in them which is not very good if you're asthmatic.
Alice, 13, Market Harborough

They're Ok but they really stink sometimes. We have three sets of loos but only one set is ever open - because of vandalism. The school did say we might be able to redecorate them but only if we raise the money ourselves and they approve of the design. They tell us all to stop messing them about and everything but the people who do that don't really care!

Jessica, 13, Leicester

The majority of the loos in my school are old, dirty, smelly, very unhygienic and need total refurbishment. Promises have been made but they seem to be at the bottom of the priority list. There are lots of laws about hygiene standards for where we eat. There should be similar laws about the health and safety of loos.
Becky, 13, Portishead

Hey I don't know about all the other schools but the bathrooms at my school are GREAT! They smell very nice cuz the cleaning people spray this stuff in them. There is no urine on the floor, no cigarettes everywhere (there's no smoking at my school) and there's even a candy and soap dish in there! Plus the toilets are always sparkling and so clean u could eat off of them!! Yup my bathrooms are PARADISE!!
Kim, 14, USA

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