What are your school uniform?

Cbbc, Updated 22 June 2004

Girls at a school near Ipswich have been ordered to wear trousers instead of skirts.

This is because some of the skirts worn were considered too short by the head teacher.

So do you have school uniform rules at your school that you want to sound off about?

Perhaps you think they're sexist, stupid or too strict.

Or do you think that rules are a necessary part of keeping the school uniform, well, a uniform?!

Whatever you think, e-mail and let us know.

I don't see what the problem is with girls wearing trousers all year round - lots of boys around the country manage just fine!
Edward, 15, Weston

At my school we have a tie and I think i'ts really silly because nobody ever wears it right anyway so I don't see the point in having it. However I do think school uniform is a good idea because it looks smart.
Rebecca, 12, Derby

At my school, you can get sent home for not wearing the correct uniform! Also girls can wear trousers or skirts, but the lads have to wear trousers! We can't wear shorts. Unfair!
Daniel, 13, Croydon

In my school we are allowed to wear our own clothes as long as they aren't jeans, skimpy or sleeveless tops with rude words on them or trainers. Which I suppose is fair compared to some schools.
Alice, 12, Surrey

Our school is going to ban fitted shirts and tight trousers. The girls are only trying to look their best with an un-flattering uniform, why shouldn't we look feminine?
Sarah, 14, Bath

At our school, we always have to wear a tie, no excuses. If you get seen without a tie you get a verbal warning and the next time it is detention for not wearing the full uniform. Unlike some schools, we are allowed to wear our shirts tucked in or not.
Tiffany, 14, Dundee

The girls MUST have their blouses tucked in. Our skirts CANNOT be more than 2 inches past our knee. We have to wear plain white sneakers. We have to wear either black or white socks and they have to be 2 inches above the ankle. We cannot wear necklaces. And that's only for the girls!
Casey, 14, USA

We don't have a uniform its a dress code were we have to stick to a colour. the colour is black, white or grey. we can wear white or black shoes/trainers. on Fridays the head teacher isn't that bothered what we were so most people usually wear jeans and coloured tops.
Laura, 14, Scotland

In my school, next year the school rules are changing. Girls will not be allowed to wear fitted shirts and boys will not be able to wear hair gel. I think this is too much as school is for learning and fitted shirts and hair gel will not affect your education.

Sarah, 15, Middlesbrough

My school makes us have these uniform cards which means if any thing is wrong with our uniform we get strikes on our card and 6 strikes means 1 hour detention after school
Luke, 13, Essex

I'm always getting told off for not tucking my shirt in or not having my skirt and round my waist or rolling my skirt up. We have to tie our ties long but I never do -occasionally I might forget and do it long.
Emily, 12, Leicester

We have a really relaxed uniform. We have to wear a collared shirt and girls don't have to tuck it in. Girls have to wear black or grey skirts that are meant to be knee length but no one sticks to that rule.
Alex, 14, London

Our school rules are ok. We can wear black trainers instead of flat black shoes and we get to wear t-shirts under our school t-shirt so when it gets really hot we can take of out school ones which is great! Though the bad thing is that our knew head teacher wants to change it to blazers and ties etc which stinks!
Elowin, 15, Ilfracombe

I'm from Holland and we don't have to wear school uniforms but the government is thinking about it. I don't know how it is so I don't really have a opinion about it but I think it must be very funny.
Juul, 15, Zoetermeer

I don't mind tucking my shirt in and having my tie long, there's nothing wrong with it. The only problem is, boys have to wear ties and girls don't! How unfair!
Michael, 13, Ramsgate

Our uniform rules have always been strict, but now we actually get a say. We formed a committee at school, and next year might be able to wear capris and backless sandals!
Gillie, 13, Croydon

At my school our dress code is to wear clean, new-looking clothes, although some people don't look like they follow that rule.
Spencer, 12, USA

At my school we have to wear our shirts tucked in, skirt an inch below or above the knee, jumpers aren't allowed to be tucked round the waist and no make up, only diamond studded earrings, and shoes have to have a maximum of two inches for a heel!
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

Because some people in our school wear their skirts too short we all have to wear tights next year up until the Easter hols, which is so unfair, because it's not like it's the majority.
Courtney, 13, Belfast

Mine's fine really - we have to wear a stupid school shirt and sweatshirt and black trousers, but if you don't no one really notices - at the worst you can be sent home to get changed. Sorry did I say worst?
Georgina, 14, Sheffield

We don't have any uniforms... and I love that!! Although we aren't allowed to wear tank tops or anything... but that's fine with me... as long as we don't have to wear uniforms!
Esha, 15, Aberdeen

At my school, whenever it's hot and we want to take off our jumpers, we have to tuck in our shirts and do up out ties it looks so stupid and it makes us just as hot as having our jumpers on!!!
Emma, 13, Chalfont

It's so unfair 'coz they just made a new rule to tuck our shirts in - I mean we had it before but now if we don't we get really done and we have to have 6 stripes on our tie. I am fed up of these rules why can't we just wear it how we want to.
Kelly, 13, Doncaster

My school makes us put our ties and keep our blazers on all the way home, no matter how hot it is!
James, 13, Croydon

At my school, our tie has to be up to our belly-button. We have to tuck our shirt in, and close our top button! How unstylish!
Jess, 13, London

We always get in trouble for having our shirts untucked and having our ties too short. It's so stupid and our head teacher has made a new rule called in out keep it tidy, where we have to line up outside our lesson with our shirts tucked in and our ties 6 stripes long.
Kirstie, 13, Doncaster

We have to wear black shoes which annoys me even though most schools have to wear them. Most people just wear trainers.
Sophie, 11, Belfast

We get detention for things such as having badges on our ties! I think that is a bit strict!
Josh, 15, Cwmbran

I always get done for not tucking my shirt in. But it looks much better untucked as it's not that long and is fitted. It really annoys me that school uniform rules are so petty.
Laura, 14, Nottingham

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