Are you worried about the weird weather?

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Weird weather 'set to continue'
Cbbc, updated 10 August 2004

The changeable weather that's rocked the country over the past few days has broken night time temperature records around the UK, and is set to continue.

Sudden heavy thunderstorms have also caused flooding in many places, and eight locations around the country have had their hottest nights ever.
In Marham, Norfolk, the temperature on Sunday night didn't drop below 21.9C, and Coningsby in Lincs saw 20.7C.
The Environment Agency is warning the UK to stand by for more storms.

They have 23 flood warnings in force until further notice, and 73 less serious flood watch areas have been set up.

They have warned that unless we cut down emissions of pollution, Britain's summer weather will get worse as global warming continues.

The variable weather has been made by the remains of the unstable hurricane Alex and high temperatures from the continent.


Are you worried about the weird weather?

Cbbc, updated 18 August 2004

Heavy storms have lashed the UK once again, with flash floods causing devastation to a village in Cornwall.

So has this left you wondering what on earth is going on with the weather?

Are you worried about the weird weather we're having this so-called summer?

Does it scare you that our climate seems to be behaving so strangely?

Or do you just put it down to a freak occurrence?

I am quite worried because I'm scared of lightening.

Zarqa, 13, Birmingham

I'm not worried - I'm MAD! We haven't had a summer yet!
Clemmie, 11, Chalfont

I think it is worrying as if we've had this many storms this summer, what's it going to be like in the winter?
Max, 13, Shropshire

I hate the rain it's meant to be summer now I'm stuck indoors great holidays!
Betsy, 11, Derby

We can't change it, can't do anything about, so why worry? Just like life, it just goes its course...
Victoria, 15, Oslo

I'd prefer it to be freezing than scorching hot. You can always put more clothes on if it's cold.
David, 12, Cardiff

It doesn't really worry me, British weather is so unpredictable. It might as well snow in the summer.
Leighann, 14, Solihull

Something weird is going on. I think it's something to do with global warming. Scary
Katy, 14, London

I am worried 'cos I am going to go to Florida next year. We always have heavy rain in York. Like this morning.
Rachel, 11, York

You can't worry about the weather. No matter how much you worry, you can't change it, so you just have to learn to live with it.
Hazel, 13, Cambridge

I think weather is coming over from France, because of the storms everyone thinks it's changing. I think it is just coming from abroad.
Jenny, 13, Telford

I suppose where we live we are not exactly going to have floods but in other parts of England there may be a risk of flooding.
Mollie, 9, Heston

I'm not really worried about the weather but I do like the rain that we've had. I just hope we don't get too much
Charlotte, 13, Stevenage

I think the weather's quite cool 'cos I've just come back from my hols and it's a change from all the sunny weather in Crete!
Natalie, 13, London

Global warming is the only thing that freaks me out, because I know the larger consequences other than sea level rise.
Kavita, 13, London

I'm not worried so much as disappointed that it was in the summer holidays! As soon as we get back to school, it will be lovely weather!
Gemma, 14, Plymouth

I do think all this weird weather is freaky. It reminds me of "The Day After Tomorrow" but hey, I live in Wales I'm use to the rain and wind :)!Sian, 14, Swansea

I think that it's quite worrying but if the government did more about global warming, then freak weather and climate change wouldn't happen.
Sophie, 12, Glasgow

It's global warming that's doing all this weird weather. The way the world's going I wouldn't be surprised if it gets worse.
Jimi, 13, Lowestoft

I am worried about global warming, but I doubt will we be engulfed in a new ice age. I can't believe what we have done to the world though, we caused this and there is no shifting the blame.
Imogen, 13, Isle of Wight

I want to know what the weather will be like in the future, if no one does anything about global warming. It's kinda scary that all these hurricanes and floods are suddenly starting to happen IN THE SUMMER!!
Imo, 12, Cambridge

I'm just fed up of all this rain and wind. I've even given up using my hair straighteners because every time I go out, the weather ruins my perfectly straight barnet. Call this summer?
Jessica, 15, Manchester

I don't know. I think everyone has been expecting a nice summer like we had last year but instead we've had all of these storms. I reckon we just need to keep our eye on the weather and see what happens.
Sarah, 15, Birmingham

I don't feel scared, because I live in a hilly area, so there's no chance of flooding. I would get scared if we started having hurricanes in London though. And I'd be scared if I lived in Cornwall!
Lily, 14, London

The weird weather is one of the many weird and unfortunate things that happen in life and I feel sorry for the people who have lost their homes which are their pride and joy.
Luke, 12, Birmingham

I'm not that worried as there isn't much chance of a flood near where I live but it must be worrying for those who live in places where there is a chance of a flood.
Sophie, 12, East Sussex

I think it is strange but doesn't it have something to do with global warming maybe? What's it gonna be like in winter if it is like this in summer? It is rather worrying, I think people need to start preparing for such crazy weather and soon!
Jenny, 13, Tilehurst

I love this weather, but it is rather worrying thinking what it will be like in the future with global warming and such. I think with what happened in Cornwall should be a wake up call to people and they should start trying to take care of the planet more. Although, I think the damage has already been done.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

What's really freaky was I have just come back from my two week holiday and it was only 12 days ago that I was in Boscastle in the sunshine having a photo taken of me on the bridge which is now covered in muddy water and remains of cars and buildings. It's just a freaky thought.
Rachel, 14, Hitchin

I think that the weather at the moment is awful!! Some of my friends were in Cornwall and Florida during the recent storms so they were lucky that they got through the weather unharmed! I think that this should kick-start the world to stop polluting the earth so that things like this do not happen.
Olivia, 13, Guildford

It's bad news for Cornwall. And we've had thunder but we've got to understand that in Florida, it's much worse with Hurricane Charley and the floods in Bangladesh are far more worse than any other year for at least a decade. So in that sense we're pretty lucky!
Nowrin, 10, Nottingham

My little sister gets really scared of all this freaky weather. I've got to keep telling her that the loud noise in the sky is God moving his furniture and when it rains it's just God watering his plants. I just hope it brightens up soon so that she'll stop asking awkward questions!
Lizzie, 13, Manchester

In the US lately there have there had been a couple of dreadful hurricanes which caused so much damage! I am very fortunate that I don't live in the east coast but in the west coast there has been some heavy rain. On the weather reports it reported that there are strong chances of floods! I hope everything turns out to be okay!
Angelina, 12, USA

Two years ago I went to the village of Boscastle. It was a really nice village that had nice scenery. I am going to a place nearby Boscastle in a week and we were going to go back there but we cant now. It is devastating how it can change from a beautiful village which attracts many tourists, to the state it is in now in a matter of hours.
Charlotte,12, London

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