A city born of destruction

Skylife-by Nedim Erinç Photos İbrahim Zaman

Warsaw is a capital city that exceeds your expectations. 
Almost wiped off  the   map   during World War II,   the  historic   districts which   lie on  the   left  bank  of  the  River   Vistula  were rebuilt from the  rubble after the war.

This rebuilding programme was on a scale unprecedented    anywhere  in  the world.

To appreciate just  how extraordinary this undertaking was, you only have to look at photographs of the  city  taken   early  in 1945, and then   compare  these with the present scene  from   the top of  the 234 metre high Culture Palace. 

The  Culture  Palace   was   built  by  the Russians  as  a gift for the city, and is an interesting  man   festation   of   socialist culture. 

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