A city born of destruction

The best way to gain an understanding of any city is to begin with a macro view from a high  vantage  point,  so   unless you are staying in a fifty -storey  chain  hotel  heac first for this imposing building. 

After absorbir the panoramic view of Warsaw, then you can gradually explore it at ground level. The second item on your  list of places to visit should be the historic part of Warsaw, where a  route beginning from Castle Square takes you to the Old Town (Stare Miasto) that was reconstructed brick by brick, and to the  adjacent Neu’ Town (Nowe Miasto). The main  sights  on  your  route  are  the Gothic St  John’s  Cathedral  on  Su’ieto/anska Street and next to it the 17th centuryJesuit Church. 
The  Market  Square  in  the  old town is surrounded by picturesque buildings of the 17th and 18th  centuries,  on  those ground floors are cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. 
This is afta’ourite tourist haunt, and the square  is filled with street sellers, musicians,  painters  and  entertainers.  Here you can happily spend an afternoon.
Jazz  music  is  a  strong  tradition in Poland, and you can find cheap and high-quality CDs in the square, as well as amber from the Baltic. The graphic arts are another area in which Poland scores high marks, as you will notice from the posters  on sale here. Do not worry about them  getting   creased  in  your  suitcase because they are carefully packaged.

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